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How to check user activity in Jira?


There are a few ways to review the recent team activity in JIRA. It depends on your goals. Someone wants to check out the login details of users or system changes like project creation or deletion. Others might be interested in issue-level changes like how many comments were added by specific team members or who changed the task’s description. Here, we look at different cases and possible solutions when checking Jira user activity.

📙 Case 1: I need to get Jira user history to see when some user was created/removed

Solution: Jira audit log 

If you want to see the history of any user created, renamed, or added to a group, check out the built-in audit log.

Go for Settings > System > Audit log.

jira audit log.png

Here, you can also track updates for projects, workflows, permissions, fields, etc. The logged events you get depend on your coverage level. Read more about Audit log events in Jira

📘 Case 2: I need to see comments added by a particular user 

Solution: Activity Stream gadget

If you want to see the user history when they are making changes to issues/tickets, check out the Activity Stream gadget on Jira dashboard.

Go for Dashboards > Create dashboard > Add Activity Stream gadget.

When the gadget is added to your dashboard: Configure > Add a filter > Select user > Select activity.

Jira activity stream for comments.png

Here, you can filter by project, account ID, Jira issue key, and updated date. The activity section is limited to such events: attachment added, comment added, issue closed, issue created, issue edited, issue opened, issue progress started, issue progress stopped, issue reopened, issue resolved, and issue transitioned.

📗 Case 3: I need to track Jira user activity for any issue field, including custom ones

Solution: Issue History for Jira app

If you want to get a complete history of changes made by any team member to some issue list, consider Issue History . You have many options for filtering: project, sprint, assignee, date ranges, etc. 

Install free trial > Filter by project, or any other option > Select user for ‘Updated by’ > Choose date range if you need > Add field you want to track by Columns manager.


For example, you can track changes to descriptions, statuses, or due dates. Any custom or standard field can be added to your report. 

+Exrta feature you may find helpful: store and restore deleted issues. 

Check the free online demo to see how you can use it with our data.

Try the app free for 30 days if you want to see how it works with your data.



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