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How to View Customized Jira Service Management Portals on Your Mobile Phone

JSM Mobile Refined Integration.png

Did you know that 89% of consumers decided to switch companies to a competing business due to a poor customer support experience? That leads us to one thing, the stakes are unbelievably high in ensuring customers get the best service. Sure, providing them a good support portal and well-equipped team with the help of Jira Service Management can do wonders in helping ease the communication. But, that's not all you can do! You can enhance that experience by customizing your portal with the help of Refined for Jira Sites & Themes. Using themes, branded options, and even different sites for support channels will do that. Then, you can help ease things for your customers by making sure they can reach your customer support no matter where they are with a mobile app such as JSM Mobile.

What is Refined for Jira Sites & Themes?

Refined for Jira Sites & Themes is a Jira integration that helps customers build custom service desks, whilst allowing them to choose a theme of choice, as well as track issues through Jira and Jira service management. With this app you can create as many sites as you need without any coding. Thanks to the built-in Theme Editor, you will be able to customize your ITSM tool and the support you provide your customers. That includes a simple layout editor to add a search bar, content navigation, quick links, requests, and issues. 

What is JSM Mobile?


JSM Mobile is an ideal solution to bring your Jira Service Management portal all the way to your mobile phone, making your service desk more accessible for customers wherever they are. The app allows customers to create and track requests, as well as receive real-time updates from agents, while ensuring complete sign-in security. Besides Refined, JSM Mobile also has its own Branded version that helps you include your brand colors, add your company logo, and have your app be available on both the Apple Store and the Play Store.

How to use JSM Mobile with Refined?

JSM Mobile Integration.png

Let's say you want to provide more than one type of customer support for your customers. Perhaps you receive a lot of frequently asked questions. You might not want to waste your time on them when other customers have issues that need to be dealt with more urgently. So providing your customers with a site or page for FAQs or a Knowledge Base can be ideal. In addition to a customer support portal where they can directly contact your agents.

1. Integrate Refined for Jira Sites & Themes with your Jira Service Management account

2. Edit your portal's theme to fit your brand

3. Create a site to act as your FAQ/Knowledge Base page

4. Integrate JSM Mobile with your Jira Service Management account

5. Customers will now be able to view the theme you'd chosen as well as all the sites you've created through their mobile phones!


Building a service desk using Jira Service Management is only the first step. Ensure your customers don't leave you for a competitor by going the extra mile and easing their experience whatever way you can. Whether by making the portal look great and be easy to navigate, or by making your portal accessible through mobile phones, that can turn the tables in your favor for sure. And to get an integration that can do both? There's no reason to wait on that, not when Refined for Jira Sites & Themes and JSM Mobile can easily make this happen.



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