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How to Standardize Processes in Jira?

If you want to ensure quality, promote productivity, improve employee morale, and provide better customer service in your company, you should undeniably standardize basic processes. How?  In this article, I’ll share with you some insights on process standardization with the help of Jira. 


What is business process standardization?

The goal of the standardization process is to generate patterns and scripts regarding a company's most diverse activities by integrating its procedures. In simple words, it sets standards of accepted criteria your employees must follow to complete simple tasks like handling complaints, distributing communication, and filing paperwork.

The primary goal of process standardization is to ensure the quality standard at your organization, without flexibility and fluctuations, irrespective of the department or person accountable for the activity.

Benefits of process standardization

Standardization in business:

  • ensures quality
  • promotes productivity
  • improves employee morale
  • provides better customer service

Quality. Less reliability and inconsistent quality will be an inevitable result of a lack of standardization. Standardization will reduce the likelihood that key details are missed, ensuring quality in one of the most significant ways.

Productivity. Standardization provides leaner, more efficient performance, enabling your business to reduce waste and make better use of its resources. It will help you eliminate inefficiency by decreasing quality control issues and reducing unhealthy competition and conflicts.

Employee morale. Standardized work creates a connection between people and their work processes when managed effectively. Everyone wants to know if they are doing a good job or not. Business process standardization provides clear guidance, avoiding inaccurate performance, mess, frustration, and stress for the employees while doing their tasks.

Customer service. Less ambiguity, higher quality, improved productivity, and morale inevitably lead to greater customer service. Standardizing processes for talking with customers, methods for centralizing information as well as making your organization more productive and efficient are all about better outcomes for your customers.

How to standardize workflow and business processes in Jira

So, lack of standardization creates hustle when each employee does his/her duties in the way they think is correct. As a result, every time, you and your customers get different results, which are impossible to predict.

The Business Process Manager add-on for Jira (BPM) will help you standardize and automate your processes, eliminating the human factor. It will also streamline the overall workflow, giving it a clear and well-defined structure convenient for you as a manager and members of your team.


Unlike Jira, BPM doesn’t require admin rights to correct the templates and run issue creation. It means you don’t have to worry that something goes wrong when you reach the automation limit. That’s why it’s a very beneficial tool for self-organized teams.

Moreover, with the help of BPM, you can create simple or more detailed SOP templates:

  • After defining the general strategy, add all necessary steps required for your successful standardization process;
  • Supplement each step with any vital info - description, tables, checklists is needed. You can use the ‘drag’ and ‘drop’ function for your convenience;
  • Add assignees to each separate step - you can choose one or a group of people responsible;
  • Include the approver if any of the steps requires confirmation of the responsible person;
  • Set up the conditional step functionality that will be triggered as an action of Form logic only;
  • Specify a deadline - the Due Date
  • configure the automation

As you see, BPM plugin for Jira provides very broad functionality for streamlining workflows and process standardization. To evaluate all the benefits of our add-on by yourself, you’re welcome to download our 30-day trial. Otherwise, you can book a demo call with our product manager, and one of our managers will be more than happy to demonstrate BPM in full play and tell in more detail how the add-on can solve challenges and streamline processes in your particular case!



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