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How Leaders Can Measure Workload and Productivity with Inline Tasks Report and Table Filter&Charts

You already know that inline comments can be prioritized, assigned, and then tracked (if not, look at my previous article Inline Comments: 3 Features Team Leaders Didn't Know About). However, being a manager demands a more comprehensive view of your team’s workload rather than just knowing inline tasks. This is where our tried-and-true Table Filter and Charts for Confluence app comes into play. Using this handy tool, you're able to aggregate information from different reports and generate visual representations of task distribution within your team. 

 It helps you to:

  • Balance workload: by considering each team member’s to-dos, you can maintain a fair workload as a leader.
  • Measure productivity: monitoring and assessing completed tasks aids in better resource distribution and pinpointing potential bottlenecks in your team’s workflow.

Team workload with TF, Talk, and Tasks.png

SQL for Table Transformer to join tables.png

Team workload with TF, Talk, and Tasks skeleton.png

If you also track project-related tasks in Jira, you can go further and consider them along with Talk and Confluence tasks. By incorporating another Pivot Table with a Jira issue macro in Table Transformer in the example above and making a minor tweak to the SQL, you can get a complete overview of your team’s workload and distribute new tasks more evenly.

Workload Jira tasks, Confluence tasks, Talk tasks.png

SQL for Workload Jira tasks, Confluence tasks, Talk tasks.png

Likewise, you can measure team productivity by filtering Talk Tasks and Task reports by resolved tasks and applying Table Filter to define the task completion period.

Completed tasks.png

Use the following JQL in the Jira issue macro to find completed tasks over a certain period.

Project = “Your_project_name” AND status changed FROM “In Progress” to Done DURING (“year/month/day”,”year/month/day”).

Then, join all three tables with resolved tasks in Talk Report, Task Report, and Jira Issues macro in Table Transformer using the same approach described above and slightly modifying SQL, turning Total Open tasks into Total Resolved Tasks.

Top Performers in Confluence.png

This appears to be a smarter way to manage a team's workload and productivity by combining Table Filter, Charts & Spreadsheets with Talk Advanced Inline Comments for Confluence, doesn't it?



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