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Fastest Growing FREE Atlassian Marketplace Apps - March 2024

At Contegix, we are committed to keeping you informed about the latest trends in the Atlassian Marketplace. Today we are unveiling the fastest growing free apps from the past month across Jira and Confluence.

By assessing which apps grew most over the past month, we are able to shine a light on products that more and more customers are finding value in while also acknowledging the outstanding vendors fueling this vibrant marketplace.

Congratulations to all of the apps and vendors featured in our March 2024 edition!

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  1. Figma for Jira figma.png
    • Vendor: Figma figma.png
    • Monthly Install Growth: 1,736
    • Installs: 39,203
    • Platform: Cloud
    • Product: Jira
    • Rating: 2.9/4
    • Summary: Figma for Jira integrates design files, allowing you to link Figma designs to Jira issues, review changes in real-time, and create a shared source of truth across dev and design teams.
    • Explore Figma for Jira on MARS Atlas today!
  2. Reports - Charts and Graphs for Jira Dashboard Free bloompeak_reports_free.png
    • Vendor: Bloompeak bloompeak.png
    • Monthly Install Growth: 420
    • Installs: 4,736
    • Platform: Cloud, DC
    • Product: Jira
    • Rating: 3.7/4
    • Summary: Reports by Bloompeak enables users to simply create flexible, colorful, and custom bar charts and table views, letting Jira users gain valuable insights from across their Jira data in a user friendly way.
    • Explore Reports by Bloompeak on MARS Atlas today!
  3. Agility Poker Planning agility-poker-planning.png
    • Vendor: AgilePulse agilepulse.png
    • Monthly Install Growth: 261
    • Installs: 505
    • Platform: Cloud
    • Product: Jira
    • Rating: 3.6/4
    • Summary: Agility Poker Planning offers user friendly planning poker functionality with customizable estimation options like Fibonacci, Time, and custom values, along with flexible session management and multi-field estimation.
    • Explore Agility Poker Planning on MARS Atlas today!
  4. Behaviours - ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud scriptrunner_img.png
    • Vendor: Adaptavist adaptavist_img.png
    • Monthly Install Growth: 228
    • Installs: 5,119
    • Platform: Cloud
    • Product: Jira
    • Rating: 3.7/4
    • Summary: Behaviours for Jira Cloud brings additional power into ScriptRunner for Jira allowing conditional field behavior adjustments based on project or issue type, including pre-filling templates, renaming fields, and setting role-specific visibility, and more.
    • Explore Behaviours on MARS Atlas today!
  5. Miro for Confluence miro.png
    • Vendor: Miro miro.png
    • Monthly Install Growth: 213
    • Installs: 21033
    • Platform: Cloud, DC, Server
    • Product: Confluence
    • Rating: 2.8/4
    • Summary: Miro for Confluence integrates between Miro and Confluence allowing 2-way syncing for content editing and real-time updates across both platforms.
    • Explore Miro for Confluence on MARS Atlas today!
  6. Karma - Confluence Page Builder (Content Formatting) FREE karma.png
    • Vendor: Seibert Media - appanvil appanvil.png
    • Monthly Install Growth: 177
    • Installs: 3,637
    • Platform: Cloud
    • Product: Confluence
    • Rating: 4/4
    • Summary: Karma for Confluence provides easy editing tools and a user-friendly page builder, along pre-designed templates and intuitive editing features.
    • Explore Karma on MARS Atlas today!
  7. Issue Checklist for Jira. Free issue checklist.png
    • Vendor: HeroCoders herocoders.png
    • Monthly Install Growth: 167
    • Installs: 38,647
    • Platform: Cloud
    • Product: Jira
    • Rating: 3.8/4
    • Summary: Issue Checklist enables users to seamlessly incorporate ToDo lists into Jira issues, offering features such as template creation and automatic loading of default checklists--it is a lite version of Issue Checklist for Jira. Pro.
    • Explore Issue Checklist Free on MARS Atlas today!
  8. Sentry for Jira sentry.png
    • Vendor: Sentry sentry.png
    • Monthly Install Growth: 145
    • Installs: 13,701
    • Platform: Cloud
    • Product: Jira
    • Rating: 2.1/4
    • Summary: Sentry for Jira enables the creation of Jira issues from Sentry, ensuring updates on task delegation and status changes in Jira reflect accurately in Sentry, facilitating a comprehensive view for developers, and allowing automatic creation, assignment, and syncing of Jira issue.
    • Explore Sentry for Jira on MARS Atlas today!
  9. Google Chat app for Jira Cloud google_chat.png
    • Vendor: Google Chat App Developer google_chat.png
    • Monthly Install Growth: 142
    • Installs: 6,209
    • Platform: Cloud
    • Product: Jira
    • Rating: 1.8/4
    • Summary: Google Chat app allows users to receive Google Chat customizable notifications when changes happen in Jira projects, reducing context switching.
    • Explore Google Chat on MARS Atlas today!
  10. Scroll Exporter Extensions scroll_extensions.png
    • Vendor: K15t K15t.png
    • Monthly Install Growth: 102
    • Installs: 3,057
    • Platform: Cloud
    • Product: Confluence
    • Rating: 4/4
    • Summary: Scroll Exporter Extensions allows users to expand the capabilities of Scroll Exporters for Confluence Cloud with enhanced control over usage and formatting.
    • Explore Scroll Exporter Extensions on MARS Atlas today!


If you are interested in learning more about our Atlassian Marketplace insights then check out our MARS Atlas platform!



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