Explore the Top 10 Largest Atlassian Marketplace Jira Apps - March 2024

At Contegix, we are committed to keeping you informed about the latest trends in the Atlassian Marketplace. This month we are unveiling the top 10 largest Atlassian Marketplace Jira apps.

By highlighting the largest Jira apps, we not only showcase tools with substantial user bases but also acknowledge the outstanding vendors fueling this vibrant marketplace. Join us in recognizing these devoted Atlassian Partners consistently delivering excellence within our Atlassian ecosystem.

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  1. ScriptRunner for Jira 73ebab0a-b3e9-4697-9322-9539f5c27965(1).png
    • Vendor: Adaptavist ab1db985-8f46-461e-a646-d59b35f0e064.png
    • Installs: 36,446
    • Platform: Cloud, Data Center, Server
    • Average Rating: 3.7/4
    • Summary: ScriptRunner is a comprehensive Jira automation and customization toolset that facilitates unlimited automations, advanced search functionalities, and seamless integration with Jira Service Management.
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  2. Timesheets by Tempo - Jira Time Tracking f17db33b-60e1-41cf-9fd1-8d8908cfb568.png
    • Vendor: Tempo Software ea14382a-4d0c-4d72-8c41-6663763a6d33.png
    • Installs: 31,475
    • Platform: Cloud, Data Center, Server
    • Average Rating: 3.2/4
    • Summary: Tempo Timesheets offers real-time insights, enabling efficient project cost control and resource planning, with features including calendar integrations, Jira Align compatibility, and extensive reporting capabilities.
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  3. Xray Test Management for Jira 11638493-3ff7-4f84-9f2d-cd10d8a599dc.png
    • Vendor: Xblend 19becd25-825f-42a6-bdb1-7466202befee.png
    • Installs: 28,590
    • Platform: Cloud, Data Center, Server
    • Average Rating: 3.5/4
    • Summary: Xray for Jira provides native test management within Jira, full traceability, test organization, advanced reporting, and seamless integration with automation frameworks, CI/DevOps tools, and Xray Enterprise features for test case versioning and design.
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  4. Zephyr Scale - Test Management for Jira 7842850b-2144-4e63-a948-274d9e5accc1.png
    • Vendor: SmartBear dad29ebd-b1cd-4a30-86a8-6ba2b3a28a5b.png
    • Installs: 26,568
    • Platform: Cloud, Data Center, Server
    • Average Rating: 3.4/4
    • Summary: Zephyr Scale offers seamless test management within Jira, allowing users to efficiently manage and reuse tests, advance reporting and auditing capabilities, integrate with various tools and frameworks, and ensure scalable, cross-project test management with 360-degree traceability.
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  5. Timesheet Tracking for Jira 8669d605-b3a0-4a4d-879c-ae5b46b29228.png
    • Vendor: TouchDown 8669d605-b3a0-4a4d-879c-ae5b46b29228.png
    • Installs: 20,030
    • Platform: Cloud, Data Center, Server
    • Average Rating: 3.5/4
    • Summary: Timesheet tracking for Jira facilitates precise time tracking across tasks, projects, or organizational activities, fostering accountability, transparency, and enhanced project management with seamless Jira integration, while providing customizable reports and an integrated calendar for efficient work schedule management.
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  6. Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE) adb2eb74-278f-4e6a-9b3f-86afa7d72e17.png
    • Vendor: Appfire c662ac86-44c8-4398-8743-6032a0abbc67.png
    • Installs: 19,369
    • Platform: Cloud, Data Center, Server
    • Average Rating: 3.8/4
    • Summary: Customize Jira workflows effortlessly with Jira Misc Workflow Extensions, a versatile workflow automation app boasting no-code, point & click configurations, and low-code scripting.
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  7. Zephyr Squad - Test Management for Jira 6d82b909-ae65-46de-99d5-1c812e23388b.png
    • Vendor: SmartBear dad29ebd-b1cd-4a30-86a8-6ba2b3a28a5b.png
    • Installs: 17,510
    • Platform: Cloud, Data Center, Server
    • Average Rating: 3.2/4
    • Summary: Zephyr Scale provides scalable test planning, execution, and reporting across Jira projects, both seamlessly integrating BDD, automation, and real-time metrics for informed software release decisions and enhanced testing efficiency.
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  8. JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows 1473fa99-50c4-4aeb-abd2-fa239e359cec.png
    • Vendor: Appfire appfire_logo.png
    • Installs: 17,085
    • Platform: Cloud, Data Center, Server
    • Average Rating: 3.6/4
    • Summary: JSU is an intuitive, no-code automation solution offering streamlined and simplified automation of Jira workflows with a comprehensible 'WHEN–IF-THEN' format.
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  9. BigPicture - Project Management & PPM 4904fe1f-97b4-4e69-be05-7948ac5ce54f.png
    • Vendor: Appfire appfire_logo.png
    • Installs: 14,928
    • Platform: Cloud, Data Center, Server
    • Average Rating: 3.1/4
    • Summary: BigPicture streamlines Portfolio, Product, and Project Management, supporting Agile, Classic, and Hybrid methodologies, seamlessly integrating with Jira, offering teams a centralized view to efficiently plan, manage, and track tasks through powerful timelines and SAFe-compliant Roadmaps.
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  10. Structure by Tempo - Jira Portfolio Management & PPM ad7d9534-db04-4f11-adb2-14050e7328ee.png
    • Vendor: Tempo Software tempo_logo.png
    • Installs: 14,071
    • Platform: Cloud, Data Center, Server
    • Average Rating: 3.6/4
    • Summary: Structure for Jira enables cohesive management of Jira projects by consolidating information from multiple projects into meaningful overviews, addressing common project management challenges, fostering seamless communication and progress tracking across projects, teams, and methodologies with its flexible issue hierarchy, and real-time reporting.
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Joseph Law _Contegix_ January 25, 2024

Great point @Wojciech Wardaszko _HeroCoders_ -- we will make sure that it's fully clear when an analysis is solely free/paid apps. Keep an eye out for the free version of our top 10 largest Jira apps coming later this week!

Emily _ DevSamurai
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
March 8, 2024

Thank you @Joseph Law _Contegix_ and Contegix for always providing comprehensive and enlightening analysis. Looking forward to reading more from your work.

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