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Excel-like Tables for Confluence: Powerful Excel Capabilities on Every Page

Excel-like Tables for Confluence has officially been released as of January 13 this year after months spent in its testing and development phase.

The impetus behind the app was simple: How can you deliver an Excel-like experience to Confluence?  

By answering this question, the app not only successfully united the two tools, but many other benefits also resulted, much to the delight of project managers and Confluence admins all-around!

How exactly could the app benefit you?

By enabling users to apply Excel capabilities within Confluence, you will not only improve their experience but also expand the usability of the platform. The top benefits include:

1. Convenience

With Excel-like Tables for Confluence, time wasted on taking countless screenshots from Excel, manually uploading them, and importing spreadsheets can now be spent more productively elsewhere. Using Excel’s host of tools eliminates the need to navigate outside of Confluence to work with your data - which brings us to the next point.

2. Data Visualization

Tables, charts, and graphs are all synonymous with the Excel-like experience. From detailed tables to enticing scatter plots, you can now form new insights to boost your business intelligence. Additionally, implementing a more visual flair to your spreadsheets can also help you take your presentation skills to the next level!

3. Data Analytics

Both Pivot Tables and formulas are staples when it comes to Excel, which is something you can still expect here. Excel-like Tables for Confluence enables users to take full advantage of these functions to allow for data analysis that can go into as much detail as necessary. Whether you’re dealing with simple accounting returns or complex econometric models, you won’t ever be left wanting.

4. Data Security

For those working in industries that deal with sensitive data such as law, finance, and biotechnology, you can rest easy knowing that your work will be secure. Everything will be securely stored within Confluence and by extension, the Atlassian Cloud.


If I'm interested in Excel-like Tables for Confluence, what should my next step be?

We’d suggest reading more about our app before making any decisions. We’ve written and published a wealth of resources that can be readily accessed via our blog, our guide, and even our very own free e-book.

Moreover, to learn about future updates and stay in tune with our planned roadmap, you can visit our Trello feedback board.

And if you already have the app and are feeling a little lost, check out our guide to see whether we can help!




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