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EasyTime - Automated Time Tracking Updates - You asked, we listened.


What is EasyTime?

Our “EasyTime Automatic Time Tracking for Jira” App records time instantly when tracked events occur, automatically aligning and merging resulting work logs and making it easier to visually review your day. 


EasyTime is useful to all sorts of different teams, and every team seems to be tracking time in its own special way. Service desk agents may spend a lot of time reading through customer tickets, and crafting the right response, where developers may spend 30 seconds reading through their ticket and disappear into their development environment.

We regularly ask for feedback from our customers about how they are using EasyTime to try and make it work really well for different types of teams. In response to some of this feedback we have released a few improvements and options to help you get automatic time tracking just right.


Option to hide popups

For some teams, the popups are crucial information that helps them be confident EasyTime is doing the right thing, and allows controls such as undo'ing or choosing to merge a really long work log. For other teams, its just a distraction. We have added a new configuration option "Disable Popups" which stops the popups from ever appearing. Your service desk agents can stay in the flow, actually helping customers, rather than thinking about tracking time.


Configurable time to start recording time

We first built EasyTime for our own internal use - we spent way too long filling in timesheets manually. Sometimes we spend a lot of time reading through tickets before switching away, other times we look quickly through many issues to find what we are really after. So we decided, after 17 and a half seconds EasyTime will create a "View Event" work log.

For some customers this is perfect, for others, this is far to short or too long. So with the attitude of "why not both?", we added the option to configure the time to start tracking.


Configurable time to restart tracking, when returning to a tab

EasyTime doesn't track time in browser tabs that aren't currently open and active, and there previously was a delay between when you returned to a tab, and when EasyTime recorded a "View Event" work log.

We received feedback from customers that this delay was too long, sometimes they are quickly returning to tabs, reviewing the ticket and returning to other tabs. We were on a roll - so we decided to allow this to be just as configurable. Now you can choose the time to restart tracking, that makes sense for the way your team operates.

As part of this change, we also made some improvements to the way EasyTime detects returning to a previously closed tab, which makes it more reliable, and detects returning to the tab instantly.

We continue to try and focus on details like this so that EasyTime can work "just right" for every team. If there's something not quite right about EasyTime for your team - get in touch - we love to hear about the different ways teams are using EasyTime.





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