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Easy bug reporting and visual feedback in Jira

Hi, everyone! Are you ready for some revolutionary releases?

So, earlier in one of our articles, we introduced you to the Issue Creator for Jira Cloud Chrome browser extension (Create tasks from Google Chrome in all Jira Projects). 

And now we are excited to present a new version of the TaskCompose extension πŸŽ†.

This is an app that revolutionizes the way you create bug reports and visual descriptions of issues. It also contains tooltips for operations with web elements on the page and some AI-based functionality. So, let's get acquainted!


Configuration of Issue Creator for Jira Cloud

Let's first take a look at the app and its main features. Using the Issue Creator for Jira Cloud extension you can:


1 - Create tasks in any Jira project (Jira Product Discovery, Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Jira Work Management).

 2 - Create any type of issue.

 3 - Save time. You fill in the description, and Issue Creator generates the summary for you.

4 - The extension supports the configuration of all custom fields.

5 - By checking the Create Similar box, you can create tasks faster, as the extension will "remember" your last settings of previously created issues.

6 - Attach files.

7 - Take screenshots and send them instantly to the issue.

8 - The annotation tool allows you to add annotations to screenshots.

9 - The Text content edit mode tool allows you to make changes to the text of a web page while preserving the styles.

10 - Link Page Content - attach your Jira tasks to visual elements of the web page.

11 - Issue draft. If you did not create a task, but the fields were filled in, the next time you enter the app, click the bell in the upper right corner and restore your last actions.

The multifunctional add-on is enhanced by the ability to manipulate web elements on the page and the functionality to take screenshots and add annotations.

Annotation tool in Issue Creator for Jira Cloud

It is a tool that allows you to create and label screen captures for Jira without using third-party applications.

The existing algorithm for creating screenshots for Jira is as follows:

Step 1. Your search for the necessary tool for a long time and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Capture the screen, add annotations, save it to your computer, or copy it.

Step 3. Open Jira, create a task, and add an image.

On average, with this concept of work, you spend at least 10 minutes, depending on the screenshot you're working on.

That's a horrible amount of time. This is a routine that needs to be optimized.

With Issue Creator, everything is more accessible and without clogging up your computer's memory (I'm sure each of you has a desktop full of screenshots πŸ™‚).

Installed the extension, πŸ †made a screen capture + added annotations πŸ †, and immediately redirected the result to a Jira issue. 5x faster, right?

So, these are the annotation tools available now:


  • A palette of popular colors. 
  • Pen and highlighter tools. 
  • Options to move the added annotations.
  • Wipe if you need to correct something. 
  • Adding text. 
  • Step stamps.
  • Geometric shapes - line, square (filled/unfilled), circle (filled/unfilled).
  • Add arrows.
  • Undo|redo options for previous actions.
  • Delete all annotations.
  • Screenshot management - copying to clipboard, downloading to a computer, inserting into the task descriptor, attaching as an attachment.

Operations with web elements on a webpage

The SaaSJet team has created various valuable tools designed to enhance the management of web elements within web pages. These tools aim to assist users in generating comprehensive bug reports and tasks that are informative and visually appealing.

Copy-paste HTML elements


The Annotation tool layout has a Copy element tool. It allows you to copy any visual web element on the page and paste it elsewhere. 

copy paste.gif

Text content edit mode

If you need to visualize changes in the text on a web page, you can demonstrate them. Just select the turn on text content mode feature and make your corrections.


Connect visual webpage elements to Jira issues

You can use the Link page content tool to make a bug report or set a task related to a specific visual web element.

Click this button and link all the items you need. You will see a list of them in the task list, and these areas will be highlighted on the page.


Where you can use Issue Creator

Everywhere. Seriously. 

In addition to significantly saving time when creating tasks, this tool is like a Swiss knife that is versatile in a variety of industries: 

πŸ’‘ Creating effective bug reports. In the following articles, we'll look at this case study. You can quickly generate bug reports in Jira tasks directly during testing without spending much time. 

πŸ’‘ Formation of tasks with visual descriptions. A bad task means a bad result. Therefore, it is crucial to create high-quality issues, and visual descriptions will help to inform the task performer about its essence and definition of done. 

πŸ’‘ Creating ideas in Jira Product Discovery. The discovery phase is a crucial stage in building a project. Researching the subject area, finding references, etc., requires much effort. And in this case, you need to use a fast and functional app. 

And many, many more features and cases. We will touch on each problem area and show the full power of TaskCompose.


We're looking forward to seeing you in the Issue Creator user team: 

  1. Install the connector from the Atlassian Marketplace and the extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Log in to your Jira (here is all the detailed information on the installation and login process - documentation).
  3. Enjoy 🀩

 See you at SaaSJet!



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