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πŸš€ Boosting Productivity with Assignee Time Reports πŸš€

As businesses grow and expand, tracking progress and monitoring employees' productivity becomes more and more critical. To do so, managers and team leaders often rely on metrics such as assignee time reports. Assignee time reports provide valuable insight into how much time an employee spends on a particular task or project, which helps identify improvement areas and optimize workflows.

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One popular tool for generating assignee time reports is Time in Status for Jira Cloud, offered by SaaSJet. Our add-on tracks how long an issue remains in each Status, giving you a comprehensive overview of the time spent in each project stage. With this information, managers can generate detailed reports on the assignee's time to analyze the productivity of individual employees or entire teams.

There are several reasons why the assignee time report is essential and how Time in Status for Jira Cloud can help with this:

  1. Identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies: Assignee time reports help managers identify areas where employees may be struggling or where the workflow needs optimization. By analyzing tracking reports by user, you can identify patterns that point to bottlenecks, repetitive tasks, or a lack of resources. This can help managers make data-driven decisions about allocating resources or optimizing workflows to improve team productivity.
  2. Improving time management: Assignee time reports can help employees manage their time more effectively. By tracking how much time is spent on each task or project, employees can identify areas where they spend too much or too little time and adjust their time management strategies accordingly.
  3. Measuring performance: Assignee time reports can be used to measure the performance of individual employees or entire teams. By comparing assignee time across different projects or tasks, managers can identify top-performing employees or teams and areas for improvement. This helps create a more productive and efficient work environment while motivating employees to perform at their best.
  4. Communicating with stakeholders: Assignee time reports can help communicate progress and Status updates to stakeholders, such as clients or investors. By sharing time tracking report by user, managers can show stakeholders how much progress has been made, where time has been spent, and what challenges have been encountered. This helps to build trust and maintain open lines of communication with stakeholders.

How does the Assignee time report work?

For example, the task was assigned to Jenny Wilson for 10 hours, then moved to Jerome Bell, after a while, the task returned to Jenny Wilson and she had been working on it for 14 hours until it passed to someone else. So the total time the task was assigned to Jenny is 24 hours.

 5 TIS assignee screen 1 .png

The report calculation in the Charts view occurs during the chosen period. It counts the total time the sample of tasks has spent with the Assignee. For example, the tasks have been assigned to Jenny Wilson for 24h, the last three days. To get the time the task spent with Jenny Wilson we sum all the assigned time. 

New Assignee.png

Also at the Assignee Time Report on the Column manager, you can see summed data 

User Group.pngIn conclusion, assignee time reports are essential for managers and team leads who want to monitor employee productivity and optimize workflows. Time in Status for Jira Cloud is a powerful app that can help generate detailed assignee time reports, making it easy for managers to analyze productivity, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions. With Time in Status for Jira Cloud, teams can work more efficiently, meet deadlines, and achieve their goals more quickly.

We have a 30-day trial for you to test the app in a quality manner. We remind you that the add-on is free for teams of up to 10 users.



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