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Backlog prioritization across projects in Jira, using Foxly 🦊

First of all, why the need for a prioritization app like Foxly?

Taking the guesswork out of prioritization to make every backlog item count is the very reason Foxly was created. And unlike most Jira prioritization apps, Foxly is super easy to use and fully integrates with Jira. 

Add to that the fact that most managers have a penchant for processes that allow them to quantify - or score - the overall strategic value of a task against others. Hence, allowing them to determine what features or tasks can give their product the most strategic advantage. 

Foxly - editing metric value.png

The need for cross-project prioritization 

On the other hand, we know all too well how daunting of a task effective management of multiple projects can be, even for the highly qualified project managers who know what they’re doing. 

And so more often than not, managers try to split the work of multiple teams across different Jira projects and then look for a way to prioritize the backlog for these projects in a single place; thus avoiding silos, and gaining the ability to compare priorities from different projects against one another. 


That being said, allow us to introduce you to our latest Foxly release: the cross-project prioritization filter!


What the new Project filter release entails

In order to prioritize multiple Jira projects at once, you can now use project filters which display issues from different projects that use the same prioritization template, in the Priorities table and Priority matrix.  


How to prioritize issues across different Jira projects?

Basically, the Project filter allows you to bring issues from different projects into a single priority table.

  1. Go to the Priorities tab in the Project menu

  2. In the priority table filters, click on Projects

  3. Select the projects you wish to prioritize and then you have it!


You can also add a project column to your table in order to get more context about each issue.

If you’re interested in knowing more, check out our wiki.


The same filter is also available in the Priority matrix (accessible via the Analyze priorities button at the top right). 



Now you can prioritize issues from many projects in a single table or you can analyze them in the Priority matrix; up to you. You can also bring projects as a column into your table, together with other fields.

Now, if you’re curious about the other features Foxly has to offer, visit our Marketplace page here.


Happy prioritizing!✌️



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