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Attention UKG Users: Seamlessly Integrate with Jira Service Management for Enhanced HR Service

Frictionless HR Service Management requires native integration between HRIS system and incident management system. In this blog, we will explore how to integrate UKG with Jira Service Management. While established methods like using integration tools or custom coding are common, we will highlight the complexities involved and propose a more effective approach.

Overview of UKG 

UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) is a leading provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions designed to help organizations manage their workforce more effectively. With its robust suite of tools, UKG enables comprehensive management of employee records and HR processes.

Here are some of the common HR Service Requests that require a ticket to have HR update the employee records.

  • Address Change
  • Employment Type Change
  • Hiring Date Change
  • Org Level Change

 You can view the event catalog for the list of events supported.


Seamless Integration with Jira Service Management 

For organizations using UKG, the good news is here: you can now integrate UKG natively with Jira Service Management to streamline your HR service management. This integration allows for the automation of ticket creation and updates in Jira based on employee events recorded in UKG, such as hiring, terminations, and other employee changes.



Using OnLink for Integration

OnLink offers a straightforward solution to connect UKG with Jira Service Management without the need for additional integration tools or custom coding. Here’s how you can leverage OnLink for efficient integration:

Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 11.44.20 AM.png 

1. Webhook Configuration: Start by understanding how OnLink supports webhooks through our Webhook documentation. Configure UKG Pro webhooks to enable OnLink to receive specific employee events such as hires, terminations, and changes.

Authentication: Configure with auth_scheme=header_token_ukgpro and generate a secure 20-character token to use in the UKG Pro webhook setup.

Endpoint Setup: Use the UKG Pro URL pattern to set up endpoints for receiving data: https://{tenantId}.{hostname}/personnel/v1/employee-changes/{employeeId}. You can customize this endpoint to connect to different REST APIs available in the UKG event catalog.

Credentials: Include credentials such as auth_username, auth_password, and auth_api_key specific to your UKG web service account.

2. Field Mapping: Configure the field mappings in OnLink to correspond with Jira fields. For example, map employeeId to customfield_10121, firstName to customfield_10065, and lastName to customfield_10066. You can extend these mappings to any field supported by the UKG Pro API.


config:header_token=<create a secure 20 char token, will be used when configuring webhook in UKG pro>
config:ukgpro_url=https://{tenantId}.{hostname}/personnel/v1/employee-changes/{employeeId} can be changed to any other REST API - see this list
config:auth_username=<webservice account username from UKG> reference - UKG web service account has username, password, and an API key
config:auth_password=<webservice account password from UKG>
config:auth_password=<webservice account api key from UKG>




With the integration set up, any changes or events in UKG are automatically captured in Jira Service Management. This integration not only facilitates real-time updates and automations, such as issue creation and approval workflows, but also enhances the overall efficiency of HR operations.

By connecting UKG with Jira Service Management through OnLink, organizations can ensure that their HR processes are more aligned with IT and service management best practices, leading to faster response times and improved employee satisfaction. Embrace this integration to make the most out of your HR and IT ecosystems.



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