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Atlassian Confluence Technical Specifications Template

A major part of any great development process is making sure the technical specifications are as clear as possible for the development team. Clear functional requirements, help the team understand what they are trying to build and the end goal, this makes the development process more efficient and increases the velocity of the team.

Our development team created technical specifications template as a key part of our internal development workflow. We had to create one because, after a thorough search, we didn't find any that matched our needs. The development team uses it to seek the feedback, de-risk the implementation phase, estimate and split into sub-tasks.

Another great thing is that, with the GitHub links for Confluence integration, the development team can directly link the technical specifications document to any GitHub repository, previously created pull requests or examples. The team members can use the technical specifications to make sure commits and pull requests are aligned with the functional requirements throughout the development stage.

Technical specs are also used as a documentation and help more Junior or new developers learn the nuts and bolts of a new system.

You can find our Technical Specifications Template here - Atlassian Confluence Technical Specifications Template

Let us know if you find it helpful.

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pelumi_moveworkforward July 5, 2023

Found this helpful. Thank you for sharing!

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