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🍻🍂 Apptoberfest 2022 Demo: DevSensei Auto Merge for Bitbucket🍂🍻

In the spirit of the Apptoberfest 2022, we are presenting you  DevSensei Auto Merge for Bitbucket, and here is our Demo Video: 

If you need to speed up your Pull Request, you’re at the right place.

If your Pull Request stays open too long due to missing reviews, you risk long-living branches causing merge conflicts, context switches, etc.

Ship, Show, Ask  is a modern branching strategy that lets you combine features of Pull Requests with the ability to keep shipping changes.

Here is how it works:

  1. Ship.

You can change your mainline, without waiting for anyone to take your change to production. You’re not asking for a code review.

  1. Show

You make your change on a branch, open a Pull Request, then merge it without waiting. You should wait for automated inspections (tests, code coverage, preview environments, etc.) before deploying a change.

  1. Ask

We pause here. We make changes on a branch, open a Pull Request, and then wait for the feedback before the merge.

Here are our best practices: 

 We use Show for PRs with proven changes where we have little doubt that it causes problems:

  • Fixed vulnerable OSS dependency version, 
  • Updated documentation, typo and spelling fixes
  • Small Changes we already discussed, like changing a setting

Meantime we still run the CI pipeline and to get notified our colleagues so they can have a look later. To mark a Pull Request as a Show Pull Request, we add [SHOW] as a prefix to the pull request title so that everybody sees the intention of the PR. These pull requests are automatically merged by our in-house developed tool DevSensei.



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