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An Admin’s Guide to Effectively Organizing Confluence

Confluence is the ideal solution for teams to share knowledge. It can be scaled to fit any team’s type and size while storing vast quantities of content. But look deeper and a lingering menace remains; disorganization.

Even the grandest libraries would be useless if their contents weren’t organized properly by their librarians. The same can be said here, but in place of librarians, we have admins.

Below, we’ll go through why content organization is crucial. Afterward, we’ll delve into the best practices that an admin should know.

Why Confluence Space Organization Is Important 

Confluence is intended to be a centralized, shared knowledge base for teams across an organization. Users will frequently refer to Confluence as a source of information and collaboration, both being key components for success.

The last thing you’d want is to cause further confusion and delays! Keeping things organized is a sure way to avoid this.

A well-organized Confluence instance can achieve the following:

  • Allows users to readily access what they require, reducing time spent on needless searching.
  • Helps you track content that is in need of an update (e.g., outdated information).
  • Helps you identify and delete obsolete/duplicate content which will help save storage space and declutter.

How to Organize Confluence Spaces 

Every space begins with a blank canvas that can lull admins into a false sense of security. It’s easy to think that with so little, it’d be difficult to make a mess. But without being aware of effective organization, as content volume increases over time, the potential mess also grows larger if left unchecked.

Now it’s time to delve into the best practices when it comes to Confluence organization.

Parent and Child Pages 

As an admin, understanding parent and child pages is vital. You can understand it like this – imagine a tree; parent pages are the tree itself and the child pages are its branches. You can also visualize this hierarchically with the parent page being at the top and the child pages being everything underneath. Parent pages do two things: they keep things tidy by informing everyone where certain content goes and by extension, ensure that content can be found easily.


Labels are unassuming yet incredibly useful when it comes to searchability. These are essentially keywords you can include on pages that will categorize your content accordingly. Proper labeling will enable you to list out all pages that have been labeled and search for pages possessing that label. That said, make sure you use consistent labeling to bring out the most of it.

Use the Sidebar 

Often overlooked, the sidebar is just as crucial as anything else Confluence has. Think of it as a compass to navigate through your spaces. With the sidebar, you’ll be able to do a number of things such as linking content that you feel should be readily accessible. Likewise, you can also omit unnecessary content which you think might clutter the sidebar.


Ever hear the saying, teamwork makes the dream work? You should ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to organization; it isn’t only your job to keep things neat! Nonetheless, you have to properly onboard users by providing them the required permissions and by periodically following up on whether they’re aware of general housekeeping practices.

Permission Setting 

Being an admin also means knowing that a little knowledge can be too much, or in this case, access. With permissions, you must make certain that only essential users are given the required permissions to access or edit a page. By restricting things and selectively granting access, you minimize the risk of users making undocumented changes that could cause confusion.


As solid as Confluence is, you should consider using add-ons to bolster your experience. An ideal solution can enhance your work by adding functionalities that Confluence isn’t equipped to do out-of-box and make your life easier.


I'm one of the folks from Ricksoft, Inc, Platinum Marketplace Vendor,. Our Space Sync for Confluence is one of the useful add-ons to tidy up the contents on Confluence. Designed to tackle the challenge of keeping content synced across different spaces and sites, you’ll be able to seamlessly sync selected pages along with all of their titles, attachments, tables, macros, and more. Best of all? it’s totally FREE to use! 




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