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A Buyer’s Guide to Jira Agile Project Management Apps

Over the years, Jira has proven itself indispensable for Agile project managers (PMs) looking for a way to handle their projects. With Jira’s ability to provide workplace transparency, estimate project costs, and create custom workflows, this trend should be unsurprising. 


But to use Jira alone is to limit its potential as a project management tool.


Jira, as it comes out-of-box, is far from perfect. It lacks in-depth tools to conduct data analysis and visualization. As a result, it falls short when detailed resource planning is required. And, most concerningly, it doesn’t offer an intuitive user interface, often confusing PMs new to Jira.


This is where third-party apps come in. But to find the best app for PMs, you should look for apps that can:


  1. Create Gantt-charts. An app capable of this will provide PMs with a bird’s eye view of their entire project timeline. It'll not only increase visibility and transparency for everyone involved but it will also help identify risks/blockers, establish dependencies, and manage resources.


  1. Assist with backlog management. A mismanaged backlog is anathema to a project’s completion. Bulk issue editor apps are designed to deal with this and allow PMs to define the scope of their projects better and enable them to groom multiple backlogs efficiently while aligning issues with changing requirements.


  1. Conduct data analytics and visualization. Manipulating data can help PMs form new insights and present data more effectively. Excel-like table apps unite Jira with Excel’s arsenal of formulas, charts, and graphs, which is exactly what PMs should look for in an app.


However, simply knowing what type of app to use isn’t enough. You’ll have to know which app to choose specifically and how to take full advantage of it.


Learn more about Jira’s limitations, which Marketplace apps best fit the bill, and how to leverage them for project management in our upcoming free webinar on 20 October 2022 (Thursday) at 11 am PDT / 2 pm EDT / 6 pm GMT/ 8 pm CEST.


Together with our Atlassian Certified Expert, we’ll be covering:

  • Out-of-box Jira’s Limitations
  • Capabilities Agile Teams Need to Address Jira’s Limitations
  • Marketplace Apps that Can Meet Agile Teams’ Needs
  • Leveraging the Apps for Effective Agile Project Management

Attendees will also be receiving Marketplace apps promo codes at the end of the webinar! Interested? Sign up here to save your spot for the webinar today.



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