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3 ways to see user activity in Jira


How to check daily activity per team member? If you have ever needed to monitor what changes each user has made to a particular issue, for some project, or for specific dates – keep on reading. Here you’ll find build-in and Marketplace solutions for Jira to see user activity. 

1. How to view Jira user activity on a single issue level

One way to view user activity in Jira is to go to a specific issue and look at the "Activity" tab → Show History. This tab shows a timeline of all the actions that have been taken on the issue, including comments, work logs, and changes to the issue's status or assignee. You can use the filters on the right-hand side to sort the newest or oldest changes first.

jira issue history due date.png

2. Jira activity stream gadget

Another way to view user activity in Jira is to use the "Activity Stream" gadget. This gadget can be added to your Jira dashboard and shows a stream of activity from across all the projects and issues that you have access to. You can see activity for a single user or the whole team.

  1. Filter the activity stream by project, issue type, date, or user (account ID)
  2. Customize your activities by choosing the ones relevant to you.

jira user activity.png

jira activity stream gadget.png

3. How to get a full user activity report

Some users need more filters or more fields to monitor a complete history of changes made to issues within a Jira project. Such a plugin as Issue History for Jira allows you to get a user activity report with all changes made to an issue.

How does it work?

  1. Filter issues by project, sprint, assignee, etc.
  2. Select a user to get the activity report for that specific person.
  3. Choose the date range.
  4. Add any standard or custom field where you want to see changes.


Bonus: Export user activity from Jira

If you want to analyze user activity in more detail or share the data with others, you can export the issue history data from Jira. You can choose to export the data as a CSV or Excel file.

Try to create user activity report

Finally, let’s compare what advantages you will get with each option.



History tab 

Jira activity stream gadget

Issue History for Jira app

User activity report for single issue 

User activity report for the list of issues


Filter by dates

(only one date)

(any date range)

Filter by project

Filter by sprint

Filter by assignee

Filter by reporter

Updated by user

Tracking custom fields

Export of user activity report


In conclusion, there are several ways to view user activity in Jira, including viewing activity on a single issue level, using the "Activity Stream" gadget, and generating a full user activity report with Issue History for Jira plugin. These methods can help you better understand the progress of your project and the actions of your team members. 



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