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3 Ways to leverage AI in Confluence Tables and Spreadsheets

Anastasia Bek _Stiltsoft_
Marketplace Partner
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March 14, 2024

Hello, Atlassian Community!

In today’s fast-paced and data-driven world, it’s essential to leverage the opportunities and rise to the challenges. In today’s post, the challenge is extensive tables and spreadsheets with infinite rows of raw data. One of the opportunities for rising to it is to incorporate AI usage into daily tasks and processes.

That’s why our team of Table Filter, Charts & Spreadsheets for Confluence is thrilled to offer AI functionalities and macros as an additional tool to streamline data-related tasks and unlock valuable insights directly in Confluence. Meet your new AI Buddy, which can be a helping hand and lively companion throughout your data-driven journey.

image (1).png

1. AI Table Macro: AI Table Filtration, Sorting, Charts and Diagrams

Sorting, filtering, and visualizing data is integral to data analysis, facilitating effective decision-making.

Our app now offers the AI Table macro, which can assist in performing

Various operations, including prompt-based sorting and filtering table data, enable swift extraction and showcase of data.

The next step is visualization, once the table data is neat and clean. Table AI can assist in visualizing data by creating charts and diagrams. This AI-driven tool can generate prompt-based visualizations from tabular data. AI is one of the ways to simplify the process of creating visuals and data narratives for effective communication.


Various chart types and diagrams are at your disposal; Prompt wording is the key here:

  • show all information related to the east region in one table
  • create a bar chart
  • draw a class diagram for each department with employees and supervisors

2. SQL Query Writing for Data Manipulation using AI

Shout out to the SQL fans and advanced data manipulation enthusiasts. Our Table Transformer macro now includes AI opportunities, which offers a game-changing advantage. In addition to the vast examples of SQL queries in our documentation, it is now possible to ask AI to write a custom query. This brings data processing and configuration to the next level, as you can now rely on AI SQL skills too to achieve desired results and solve complex use cases.

Here is an example for you.

In the first table example, the priority column is added in the Table Transformer via a manually created SQL query; the second is prompt-generated SQL powered by AI:

SQL 2.pngTT 1.png

AI assistant in the Table Transformer macro can now write SQL queries for you - one more way to stand out with your work and accelerate data analysis, which will aid in making data-driven decisions.

SQL 1.pngTT 2.png

3. AI Formula Writing and Calculations in Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are indispensable for data analysis. With AI powered Table Spreadsheet, you can make your Confluence pages shine in a new light.

  • Asking AI to calculate and deliver the result.
  • Asking for the working formula based on what needs to be achieved.

With AI assistance, you can effortlessly write formulas and calculate results while using the Table Spreadsheet macro. This helps you escape spreadsheet formulas nightmares and level up your spreadsheet-related data workflows.


Long Story Short

We’re thrilled to see how AI can assist you in daily tasks related to table data directly in Confluence. From prompt-based filtration to SQL queries and spreadsheet formula writing, we hope you greet AI Buddy with the same excitement. You’re also welcome to join the conversation and share your insights on how AI transforms your data journey in Confluence!

Please welcome AI Table and other macros in the Table Filter, Charts & Spreadsheets for Confluence app, which is available on the Atlassian Marketplace.





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