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3 Simple steps to automate pull request workflows in Bitbucket

You know how important it is to review code via pull requests in Bitbucket for code quality, performance and stability. But how do you get the right people to review and approve?

Here are 3 simple steps to build more automation into your pull request workflows and improve code quality.


Step 1: Predefine reviewers and groups down to file and module level

Only invite the reviewers that really matter! Why spam the whole team with a flood of pull request review notifications that are irrelevant for them. Workzone  can automatically pick and choose the right people that are best suited to review a pull request to spark a constructive conversation. Simply map individual reviewers and reviewer groups to files and paths. Workzone will take care of adding them, if required. Or, to get started quickly, let Workzone suggest reviewers based on their commit-frequency.


Step 2: Control and automate the pull request merge process

Most teams require at least a few approvals before a pull request can be merged (if your team doesn’t, it should!). Again, we want to create merge-checks that are as context sensitive as possible and only require approvals from relevant reviewers to get the pull request merged quickly. For example Workzone let’s you configure a powerful customised reviewer group approval merge-check like:

(groupQuota['ui-devs'] >= 2 & groupQuota['node-devs'] >= 1) |
groupQuota['tech-leads'] > 0

.. without having to write a single line of code!


Step 3: Review, merge and build with compliance in mind

CFR 21 part 11 or ISO900x certification can be a cumbersome and stressful process, especially when attempted retrospectively or as an after-thought. Having a documented and trackable code review and merge process as a baseline, and the option to require digital signature approvals, satisfies major compliance standards for your software change management process.


Workzone helps your teams to automate and optimise their pull request workflow so no-one important gets left out and pull requests are merged efficiently without compromising code quality.

Workzone for Data Centre and Cloud is available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

workzone marketplace.png

Try Workzone for free or get in touch for a demo or visit our (virtual) booth at Team 22.


Happy coding and reviewing!

Ulrich, Izymes Founder

Izymes’ mission is to eliminate boring from work. We build apps that turbo-charge team velocity through contextual automation. 



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