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Get create print date and Sprint id/ name

Garden16_ January 25, 2022
I would like to get the current sprint name when ever a sprint is created . 

I also have one more field name Issue logged date where in an issue type gets automatically created when ever a sprint gets created.

HHow do I get current sprint name or ID and issue logged date when ever the sprint gets created .

HHere is the code for creating issue type when ever the sprint gets created

import com.atlassian.jira.component.ComponentAccessor
import com.atlassian.jira.config.PriorityManager

def issueFactory = ComponentAccessor.getIssueFactory()
def loggedInUser = ComponentAccessor.jiraAuthenticationContext.loggedInUser

def newIssue = issueFactory.getIssue()
def project = ComponentAccessor.projectManager.getProjectByCurrentKey("ABC")
def IssueType = ComponentAccessor.constantsManager.getAllIssueTypeObjects().find { it.getName() == "Issue type 1" }
def sprintCF = ComponentAccessor.customFieldManager.getCustomFieldObjectByName("Sprint")
// Get sprint field from the issue fields as a Map

newIssue.setSummary("Issue type 1 created for ${sprintCF}") ///How do I get this ?
newIssue.issueloggeddate(Get sprint create date" )// How do i get this ?

newIssue.setCustomFieldValue(sprintCF, [event.sprint]) //add the issue to the sprint that just started and triggered the event
//... any other fields

Map<String,Object> newIssueParams = ["issue" : newIssue] as Map<String,Object>
ComponentAccessor.issueManager.createIssueObject(loggedInUser, newIssueParams)


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