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Can you help me set approvers basis two custom fields in jira?

Muddassir Quazi June 11, 2021


At the time of issue creation if a category (single select custom field) has a value selected 'xxx' then the issue must go to ND approval. ND approvers are different for different countries. Let say country (multi select custom field) is selected as 'yyy' then approver is the user 'abc' and if the country selected is 'zzz' then the approver is the user 'efg' etc. There is a list for this.

I want write a custom script for this and set it as Post function on that respective transition. 

Please help me fix this.

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Peter-Dave Sheehan
Community Leader
Community Leader
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June 11, 2021

That's possible, but you'll have to keep your country/user association right in the script.


Something like this:

import com.atlassian.jira.component.ComponentAccessor
import com.atlassian.jira.issue.customfields.option.LazyLoadedOption

def countryUserMap = [
def categoryCf =ComponentAccessor.customFieldManager.getCustomFieldObjectsByName('Category').first()
def countryCf = ComponentAccessor.customFieldManager.getCustomFieldObjectsByName('Country').first()
def category =(issue.getCustomFieldValue(categoryCf) as LasyLoadedOption).value
def country = (issue.getCustomFieldValue(countryCf) as LasyLoadedOption).value
if(category == 'xxx){
def assignee = ComponentAccessor.userManager.getUserByName(countryUserMap[country])
issue.assignee = assignee

Muddassir Quazi June 12, 2021

Hey Peter,

Will try this , thanks.

Muddassir Quazi June 12, 2021

Hi Peter,

Thanks for solution, that really worked for me.

Thank you.

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