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Is there a way that my remote branches can be refreshed in source tree? For example, if there is a branch that developer A pushed up to origin, and then deleted from origin, then that branch still displays on my view in source tree under remotes. The strange thing is that I can still check out this remote branch, even though it was deleted and is no longer visable via stash.

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Another option is to use the explicit 'Fetch' button on the toolbar and check the 'Prune' option. This will remove all remote branches which you have a local record of, but are no longer actually present on the remote.

Hi David,

By default Git does the safe thing and never deletes a remote branch unless explictly asked (which is a good thing IMHO). What you really want is to 'prune' your remote:



Thank you for your answer, this helps a lot in keeping everything cleaned up.

Hi David,

This is because we auto-fetch remotes. A pull just merges fetched branches which is why it's still possible when the remote branch has been deleted. You can just delete the branch locally to get rid of it.

Hope that helps

And how does one know that it's OK to "locally" delete the branch on origin?

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