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We want to create a “Quick Filters” that show’s subtasks assigned to a current user.


Hello Team,

We want to create a “Quick Filters” that show’s subtasks assigned to a current user in Project.

We are trying to create quick filter shown below in board configuration but it doesn't work

issuetype = Sub-task AND assignee = currentUser()


issuetype in subTaskIssueTypes() AND assignee = currentUser()

Please let me know how to apply this filter on the scrum board or any other changes need to be done in board configuration? 







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I think I found a way to filter in backlog view  according to sub-task assignee, I've used:  or issueFunction in parentsOf("assignee = IRINA") and saw dev stories in backlog view where IRINA is an assignee of a sub-task and not necessarily assignee of the dev story.

Not sure if that is exactly what was required in your question.

For those who really wants to see subtask on the board with Quick Filter. I have created JQL: issuetype != Epic and it shows subtasks. You can exclude more if you want.



If I apply  quick filter filter with combination of epic name and subtask, then its not working.

If I remove epic name then sub task shows.. Any suggestions


Basically, I want to create a quick filter which should display both task and sub task for a Epic.

Can you please tell me what I might be doing wrong

I think you've found the answer elsewhere, but to repeat the short version for others landing here - "sub tasks do not expose the epic-link that their parent has, so you can't search sub-tasks for their inherited epic-link"

@Nic Brough _Adaptavist_  in the last I had to use component field and get all the quick filters updated... But honestly, i do think that this is a bug or a serious limitation which should be taken up.. 

It's not a bug - the software is behaving as designed, built and expected.

It's definitely a flaw though.  We definitely should be able to search for "everything under an Epic, no matter if it's a story or just part of one"

You can usually spot a Jira Server install I've had my paws on, it will have a handful of scripted (read only) fields like "Epic-link (all types)", "Number of attachments", "parent issue (all)" and so-on.  Fields that make reporting easier and more intuitive for us humans.

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Your second JQL line is correct, so you should be able to simply go to board configuration -> quick filters and add it into a new line.

If you've done that and it "does not work", then you will need to explain what you mean by "does not work" - what do you expect it to do, and what does it actually do?  (As your JQL is correct, I suspect the problem will be a misunderstanding of what quick filters are for rather than a filter that does not return the right results)

Thanks for the reply Nic!

I tried the second JQL & it works fine only in the active sprint. In the backlog view I am unable to see the subtask within the story which are assigned to current user.

Please elaborate why those subtask are invisible in backlog view on the scrum board?


Subtasks are irrelevant in the backlog, it's complete nonsense to rank them outside their stories.   So to keep your view of the backlog easier to read and work with during ranking/grooming, Jira hides them from the backlog.

Thank you very much :)

@Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ 

What i realy dont like and dont get is why you believe you can determine what should be relevant or usefull for a user, that just claims a lack of usefulness in the software.

what would be the pain for atlassian to just allow that by a user that wants to see it?

why you are resticting that even if someone is making the effort to write a jql for it?

I also want to create a quick-fliter, where i can see in the Backlog:
- Storys i am the primar or secondary assignee
- Subtasks i am assigned to

And here is the reason why:
- if you believe it or not, people miss-use JIRA an create in the backlog several sprints upfront to plan there project in advance. And yes, this miss-use is highly connected with normal people thinking and some not so uncommon scaled agile frameworks
- so yes, i want to have a look on all the work that i assigned or that someone assigned to me, with no regard if it is signed on the story or subtask level
Question: Would you still tell me, that it is not usefull?

What can i do, that Atlassian will take away the restriction, that subtasks are not shown in the backlog? Do i need to buy the company or become the CEO?  Or can you just get into a more customer workflow oriented mindset?

Sorry to beeing not so nice, but you just act like a lot of the community admins. I think you are told to teach people how to use Jira properly, but you seem to sell a bad functionality as a good one. Thats just useless for the user.

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I am not determining anything, I'm explaining why subtasks are not on the backlog - it's not the right place to manage them.

@Dnyaneshwar_Borase  did you got the solution?? I am facing exact issue

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