Sprint names changing in one project to mirror another project

I have a user that is a project admin on two different projects. A cleanup oif sprints on one project was needed, so he did this. the result is that his two project sprint boards are now mirrored from a Sprint naming Point of view. He cannot change one project's sprint names without affecting the other.

Is there somehow a linking between these two very distinct, very different projects that was made , and that could be removed?


Step 1 - Be a Project Admin on Project 1
Step 2 - Join the Project 2 team as Project Admin and work on an existing board
Step 3 - Create several sprints on the Project 2 and name them in increasing order from the the current sprint
Step 4 - Notice that Project 1's Sprints now mirror what the admin named Project 2 sprints
Step 5 - Go back and rename the project 1's Sprints to what they were prior to the change
Step 6 - Notice that it works both ways, now Project 2's Sprints are changed to what was just renamed in Project 1

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Hi Dyan,

This is the sprints expected behaviour. Despite you can only create a sprint when you’re accessing a board, the sprint is not exclusively tied to this board and project, sprints are global.

It is possible to add issues from any scrum project to the sprints, the board is just a way of creating filters to show issues and metrics grouped by project.

In other words, if you access 'Project 1' board, create a sprint named 'Sprint 1', then access 'Project 2', create 'Sprint 2', you will have two different sprints that can be accessed from plan mode independent of the board you are accessing, either 'Project 1' or 'Project 2'.


Jose Raupp

I'm a PM who is managing multiple products. Each one of them has its own project. Each project must have its own sprints, not mirrored those of other projects. Many others on the forum are having this problem? Could we fix this logic?

Hi Chul - did you find a resolution to this? I'm experiencing this exact same issue. Raj

I have resolution - see my answer above.  Going forward, name sprints with project id first.  For existing problems, copy all issues to empty new sprint with project identified name.

Yes, I ultimately resolved my issue by using unique Sprint names. I had duplicated Sprint names in different projects and that caused issues.

We are trying to keep sprints named after project as well. But every now and then they get mixed up. The other day I woke up to see project A's sprints gone and instead project B's sprints on the board with tasks from project A assigned to them. Nobody knows how on earth that happen, and now we need to clean up that mess. I guess this is expected behaviour...


This issue is inconsistent and needs to be fixed, please.

I'm the scrum master on 4 different projects. One just recently started linking it's Sprint names to another project and the cycle isn't breakable. I've tried moving all the stories into a newly created sprint and then deleting the duplicated named sprint and then the other scrum board updates by deleting the sprint name but keeping the content of the deleted sprint under the name of the next sprint name of the other board.

This issue has been posted since 2014... is there really nothing being done to find a better solution?

Thanks for your time and consideration.


Any update Atlassian?  The behaviour is pretty bizzare/unworkable at the moment.

I am having the same issue; and it is really unworkable. Makes me think to throw out JIRA all together.  Bizarre how to completely different projects get coupled together where there MUST NOT be any coupling.

Atlassian, why is this still a problem?  The fact that I can't change the name of a sprint and have it only affect one project is kind of a serious issue for a lot of people. 

HOW is this still not fixed? I'm pretty sure literally no one wants this behavior. They need to stop selling it as a feature. 

Hi Lucia,

I have replied on your thread.



Hi Branden, I am interested in your reply also.  What thread is this?  Please can you give URL?  I can't see any reply on this thread.  Thanks.

@Branden McElveen I am also interested in your response. We need to be able to have sprints running in different projects. The fact that this issue hasn't been resolved in over 3 years is disconcerting.

This behavior is really frustrating.

Why to have different projects then ? Let's manage all in one, ha!? Doesn't sound right. Having shared sprint settings for different projects doesn't sound right as well.

This affects not only the name of the sprint but also the sprint duration. This is a really serious issue on our site.

Has anyone found out why this is occuring and a solution to it?

We're having the exact same issue. Who do we contact to fix this ASAP?

In our case we need to run multiple sprints at the same time which belong to different projects and thus my solutuon so far is:

1) Create sprints with different names. I use [Project Key(example: TW] and [Sprint number (example: Sprint 2].

2) Then select run sprints in parallel using instructions found on ths wiki:


Does anyone get any solution for this?

"This is the sprints expected behaviour. Despite you can only create a sprint when you’re accessing a board, the sprint is not exclusively tied to this board and project, sprints are global."

So, creating and starting a new sprint in Project 1, also starts the BACKLOG of Project 2.  No, this is not expected behavior.  This is very much a problem.

So, I am running 5 development teams in 5 seperate projects and have standardised SOP across the board.

Result: all sprints have the same designation in each seperate project.


Unintended consequence of the above: sprint names randomly change as we do planning

I now have to break standardisation so each project sprint becomes unique?!?


Bad design if you ask me. At least warn me if you are going to merge sprints across projects? Common courtesy...

This is so annoying. I just created a sprint in our iOS project, that for some reason also created a new sprint in our Android project. I now can't start my real Android sprint since it says I have an ongoing sprint already...but in the Android project that sprint is empty. Since it only contains iOS tickets

I get that boards can be shared between projects, that's great. But projects shouldn't share stuff like this..

We have this problem also.  I do not think it is created by the user being Admin on 2 projects.  I was not Admin on the other project - problem is Sprints can be used by multiple projects.

JIRA automatically offers default names for each new sprint.  The names are Sprint 1, Sprint 2, Sprint 3 etc.  But these names are not exclusive to the project.  As we discovered to our cost, when I suddenly couldn't start Sprint 3 because another project had a Sprint 3.  You can't even rename your own sprint because it is shared by the other project.  The original questioner would have been able to do this because they were admin on both projects.

We fixed this by creating an entirely new empty sprint (system was calling it sprint 5 but we changed it) with a name "Project Sprint 3".  Then we copied all our issues from our existing Sprint 3 to the new "Project Sprint 3".  Then I was able to start the "Project Sprint 3".

We now have guidelines that you must use your project name in your sprint names.  I think this is poor functionality on JIRA's part - you should be able to set it up so projects do not share sprints, as this would be common usage.  Having to manually change the sprint names is counter intuitive.

I hope our fix helps someone.  I would like JIRA to change this.

Does anybody know if this was resolved, and how. I am having the same issue. Changed a sprint name on One Board, and it reflects in some other board. This is creating too many reporting and tracking issues. I have multiple projects, and every project is on different sprint. But why all of a sudden is this happening.

I just ran into this bug. Had two projects, sprint names that could previously be named independently started to sync across projects. I think this may have been triggered by moving issues between the two projects? 

I was able to stop it by creating two new sprints in both projects, moving tickets into those respective new sprints, and renaming them both. 

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angela merrett I'm New Here Sunday

When is this going to be fixed?  

How do you expect all teams to be self-organising when they can't manage their own sprint independently?

angela merrett I'm New Here Sunday

Now I can't separate the sprints in each project.  Even if I create a new sprint in each project with a unique name to that project.  Whichever project creates the newest sprint will then become the sprint for the other project.

WTF is this feature and how to do we work around it????

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