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Burndown / velocity chart for single assignee

Is it possible to get a burndown chart and a velocity chart for a single assignee?

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Midori Rising Star Apr 10, 2013

Although you request is not totally compliant with Scrum principles, it does make sense, actually.

JIRA PDF View Plugin can be a tool to generate these and other custom reports from JIRA issues. The plugin is shipped with a simple Burn Down Chart template, that you could utilize, either as is or as starting point for customization.

It takes the input list of issues and transforms the data to the agile report below (see PDF). Using this, all you have to do is setting up a filter that returns the issues for that given person and then export the result set.

(In case it is cumbersome to set up a separate filter for each project member, the plugin supports scripting! This allows you to implement any simple or complicated logic during rendering your PDF document.)

Instead, You can also use "Single level group report" and set the filter to your sprint and group it by assignee. It works very well.

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  1. Create a filter "project = <PROJECT> AND assignee in (<USERNAME>)". Extend to match your current agile board setup. 
  2. Create a new Agile Board based on this filter.
  3. Click on "Reports" tab, enjoy all the charts specific to this user.

Can you please elaborate how to "Extend to match your current agile board setup."?

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"Extend to match your current agile board setup" meaning "make an agile board that is identical to the current sprint board, but limit it to just one user."

I create a new filter that leverages the filter used for my board.  For instance my board uses the following filter GETSTUFF with the following JQL: project in (abcproject, defproject)

Then I go to Manage Filters, mouse over the GETSTUFF filter, look at the URL link in the bottom of your browser (or in the URL that you click to) and pull the number "12345" or something.

Then I create a new filter with JQL as such: filter=12345 and assignee in (john.doe)

That way, if you need to correct your board filter, you don't have to redo all your downstream filters.

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Viewing individual velocity will be super useful metrics to help team members to adjust their commitments. I noticed some of team members tend to overestimate tasks and and that report will help to give proper feedback to the team members.  

Hi Raimundas,

We are currently reviewing the free version of your app.  The one issue that we have is reporting on individual velocity.  In our workflow, issues progress through our workflow and assigned to a different team member.  It seems that your app is hard coded to only look at the original ticket assignee and not the reassignment for velocity.  Is this correct?  Or am I missing something on the settings?  Thanks so much for your help.



When report is generated it looks at the current/latest assignee, not the value of assignee it was previous set. Please contact me at for further support.

Hi Raimundas,

I have just started reviewing your app and it looks like it also reporting on active and future sprints, and not past and closed sprints? 

In our team, we plan for 1 or 2 sprints ahead but those aren't fully estimated in SP yet. Hence it doesn't make sense to me to have your gadget showing velocity for future sprints. 

But I would like to understand how the velocity of closed sprints breaks down per assignee. It this possible in any way?

Hi Peter,

Update: I initially thought that you were referring to the burnup/burndown reports, which shows reports for active and futures sprints. I now realized that we are taking about individual velocity report app, which indeed shows reports for past sprints. Apologies for the mistake.

Old answer: Unfortunately, this app only shows reports for active and future sprints. Burndown/burnup graph most often used to estimate if sprint is progressing accordingly to the estimate and will be finished on time. So, not a lot of users use this for closed sprints.

Hi Raimundas,

I see that the numbers in the default velocity charts and your gadget do not match. That is the biggest blocker in using this app.


Hi Abhishek,

Default velocity charts shows initial commitment (story points before the sprints was started), while my gadget shows final commitment (story points after the end of sprint). If there are mid sprint additions these charts will differ.

This gadget is a great idea.

However on our team, the tickets are assigned to the developer first while they develop it, and then assigned to the tester to test it.

The problem is that this gadget allocates all the story points to the testers and says all the developers have delivered 0 points.

Is it possible to give an option to consider previous assignees as well as the final assignee?

Hi Chris,

Unfortunately, this functionality is not available. I also do not see technical capabilities of enabling this at the moment.

By definition in Scrum the velocity is a metric for the productivity of the team during a Sprint, it s not intented to monitor a single member work.

Same thing for the Burndown Chart. Using the Burn Down, the team can see if they are likely to acheive the Sprint Goal. If not, they can adapt and re-organized their work in order to make it.

What is exactly the need you have ?

I know the defeinitions given in Scrum, but that's not what we are using. We augmented it by introducing some practices for multi-project management.

Our team members work across several projects with different percentage over sprints. Some tasks can be performed only by some team members. This means that I need to monitor and limit amount of work assigned to each team member, other than the total amount of story points for a sprint.

In GreenHopper, it is not possible to put constraints on swimlanes, so I wanted to do it manually, by checking the amount of work assigned to a team member in a burndown chart.

It is odd that one of the main principles of scrum is people before processes yet each time there is a suggestion to improve process or add features to help people, this is mostly met by a stern defending of the process. I have seen this recurring on most suggestions to features. Odd. "By definition", "non compliant to SCRUM principles" and so forth.

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We want this functionality to help us to see how many story points individual team members are usually completing in order to help us reduce overscheduling for those team members in the future.

That seems to me like a valid use case even for traditional SCRUM...


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I'm also looking to see total points assigned and total points completed, per user for past sprints. Otherwise how do we get a feel for points per person and adjust the sprint plan when someone is away?

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We have the same requirement.  Although, ours is meant to monitor throughput 

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Midori Rising Star Oct 09, 2013

Hi Crina,

This is not a support forum for the plugin, so please open a support ticket at and explain what you mean by "wrong information".

We will be there to help you.

Hi, i have install the plugin but generate a pdf with wrong information, i need to generate the pdf with burnddown chart, how can i do this?

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