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Do you use JIRA reporting in your retrospectives to gather data?

Harrison Mak June 28, 2018

In the book Agile Retrospectives, one of the stages is to gather data.  Do you use JIRA reporting to do that, if so which reports do you find most effective to help you look at the data of your sprint?

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Luis Ortiz August 27, 2018

The gather data step refers to your team: 

During this step the team members inputs their comments answering each question (What went right?, what could be improved?, etc. Depending on your technique). 
The topics that'll come up aren't necessarily technical, but personal as well. 
Our team uses JIRA to make direct reference to existing tasks or more recently, we started using JIRA to create JIRA issues out of the resulting retrospective's action items. 

We use our app: Agile Retrospectives for Confluence or Agile Retrospectives for JIRA. We have had great results and a very transparent process because of it. 
Make sure you try the 30-day trial and let me know what you think. 

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