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Best way to assign issues to teams/ squads over multiple projects

Deleted user October 2, 2019



As we are moving to an Agile/ SAFE way of working, the new setup on the on premise instance, is that we have a project for the themes and initiatives.

+ for each tribe 1 Jira project.

In each tribe are  1 or more squads.


Issues like epics, story's etc can be assigned to a squad from a different tribe.

Assigning to a squad is done by a custom field.  So each squad can have his proper scrum or kanban board with only the issues assigned to their team.

The filter is like:   assigned squad = mysquad


This means that you have an open filter looking for all project in Jira.

1. this is heavy

2. this filter is also looking for project where you don't have the manage sprint permission or browse, edit permissions.

The impact is that users without admin rights can't start / stop sprints.

When changing the filter to project in ( X, Y, Z) and assigned squad = mysquad there is no issue


Components are not an option as they are only usable within 1 project.

This issue can be simulated on cloud and on premise.


What's the best solution to tackle this, without giving users admin rights or to 'open' permissions on all projects.




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