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What is Scrum of Scrums?

Scrum is a framework practiced in project management to assist teams and enterprises in executing projects to generate high value. Several components make up the foundation of the Scrum framework, but today we’re focusing on one of its methods, known as the Scrum of Scrums.

What is Scrum of Scrums?

The Scrum of Scrums (SoS) is a scaled technique that connects multiple teams working on the same project, allowing them to conduct complex solutions to obtain their goal. Representatives from each team are gathered for a meeting to discuss the latest updates on their progress, coordinate their tasks during a sprint, and find new practices to resolve issues they might face along the process. Usually, the Scrum masters of each team are present during the meetings. However, it’s important to include technical contributors and alternate between delegates throughout the project to avoid any risk of failure. SoS meetings should be held according to the team’s preference and based on their needs; they can be daily or less frequent, like once per week. The ideal time frame for the SoS is 15 minutes, but it can be up to 30 or 60 mins with less frequent meetings.

How to run an effective Scrum of Scrums?

  • Create a clear agenda for your delegates and include all the subjects they need to discuss with the rest of the representatives. Make sure they ask the appropriate questions, for example:

  1. What did your team accomplish so far?

  2. What tasks are you planning on completing next?

  3. Are there any challenges slowing the entire process?

  • Pick the right ambassadors accordingly to serve the SoS purpose. They must have specific technical knowledge, organizational skills, and an overview of the whole vision to stay on the right track and achieve their sprint goals.

  • Use the SoS timebox wisely by asking and answering questions and allowing participants to share information and creative ideas to solve problems. Build an environment of collaboration and team spirit to bring all the powerful aspects together with an agile mindset to resolve any conflict.

  • Monitor the data metrics regularly by using proper tools to analyze the progress during the development and attain an overall impression of all the prioritized tasks. This way, you can arrange the team’s priorities and take action to fix any glitches during the sprint.  

Scrum of Scrums is an essential method to be incorporated within organizations with large groups while running a joint project. It facilitates the whole framework by keeping every team informed about all the project’s features while providing an agile space to simplify problem-solving. In addition, SoS meetings drastically prevent all stakeholders from drifting away from the primary goal.


Jonathan V. October 6, 2022

Great writeup Andreas!

Robert Wen_ReleaseTEAM_
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
October 6, 2022

Really good article.  I do see you're using the "3 questions" method to set the agenda for Scrum of Scrums.

I think that having a fourth question really helps at this level when dependencies come into play: "Is my team blocking another team?"   In other words, is your team another team's impediment.

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