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Importance of Timesheets and Agile Teams

So why the continuous buzz around timesheets and tracking time?

You benefit from improved resource planning and advanced team management with timesheet builder-two significant factors in leading your teams to the next level.

Why? One of the advantages of a timesheet builder is that it allows you to see your team's timesheets and gives you the perfect overview of your team's work logs. Therefore, you will understand better how to maximize your product value by strategizing when to increase the speed of product delivery and how to improve customer onboarding.

With such a versatile time tracking tool, product managers benefit from improved team management in tracking and processing large amounts of data in real-time, including time spent on tasks. One of the best-proposed ways to achieve truthful decisions is based on accurate data and critical agile metrics. As a product manager for an agile team, you are highly responsible for maximizing product value while optimizing resource planning and allocation. That being said, using a timesheet leads to better decision-making.

There is not only one advantage, but three worth considering when working in an agile method:

  1. Accurate billing

  2. Accurate forecasts

  3. Increased work productivity

With these three advantages, the key benefit of an agile approach is the ability to adjust and improve rapidly by making fast and accurate decisions on one hand.

On the other hand, analyzing time usage gives an overview of the project process and predicts delays and roadblocks to mitigate early on, allowing the project to stay on schedule. In addition, analyzing time usage determines the skills of the agile team providing better resource allocation to more practical tasks and adjusted training.

In conclusion, the buzz is confirmed when looking for continuous introspection, improvement, and change. Whether your team practices SAFe, Scrum, Kanban, or a mix of each, time tracking apps and timesheet builders provide a wealth of advantages to facilitate better decision-making, upsurge team management, and maximize product value.

1 comment

Jonathan V. July 22, 2022

Great article Andreas, I like how you clearly highlighted the benefits of it. 

The next article/discussion that I would love to see is regarding how to encourage your team to actually start tracking time, especially when historically the team never did.

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