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How can you benefit with Jira Post Functions and Automation Rules?

Your team is agile and functioning under some form of Agile  Framework. While you as a Scrum Master/Project Manager want to coach your team to follow the scrum practices, development team miss the good practices. For us Scrum Masters and Leaders we can only know their performance based on metrics. To understand how efficient your team is and how timely their delivery is, we can tweak jira. Using Custom Fields, Post functions and Automation rules we can achieve those results.


In this article I will cover some small initiatives which can be enabled in Jira. These initiatives helps you and your team in being interactive, collaborative, transparent. Also

  1. Jira Workflow: Allow moving ticket from To Do to In Progress, only when a ticket is sized and assigned to the developer.
    Screenshot from 2023-08-24 12-30-33.png
  2. Jira Workflow: Allow ticket to move to Product Owner Review only when all sub-tasks are completed.
    Screenshot from 2023-08-24 12-31-39.png
    • Designing a proper workflow to allow a ticket move to proper status for visibility.
  3. Jira Automation Back To developer Count
    Screenshot from 2023-08-24 12-37-15.png

  4. Jira Automation: Update ticket start and completion dates
    Screenshot from 2023-08-24 12-39-15.png
  5. Jira Automation Calculate Total Stories Completed under an EPIC

All of the above activities happens in the background without taking much/any time of developers. This way we are making sure team is following the agile practices and also dedicating their time in daily development work.


Request for Suggestions:- I would appreciate if the readers suggest with other things that we can automate or streamline using Jira features.


Happy Reading.

Sanjog Sigdel

Scrum Master/Product Owner


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