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Connect your Odoo ERP Data to your Confluence Pages

This Article is especially useful for users using both Confluence and Odoo ERP System. Not an Odoo user yet? Learn more.

'Where can I find more details of the product we talked about yesterday? I'm checking the Confluence Meeting Notes.'
'What's the phone number of their supplier?'
'What's the current status of this opportunity?'

When reading Confluence Pages, like Project Management documents or Meeting Notes, sometimes you need more details or specific info to go on with your current task. Some of these details are stored in your ERP System, such as SAP or Odoo (let's stick with Odoo for this Article).

While editing the Meeting notes, you already know that information, such as the supplier's phone number will be handy for follow up. You have (at least) 3 options for that:

  • remember and know it by heart (if you're preparing for the World Memory Championships, it's a great warm-up exercise)
  • copy-paste the phone number from your Odoo
  • or add a direct link to the Contact Details page of that person in your Odoo

The issue with copy-pasting is that their contact details might change before you need to follow up with them. Your Odoo tells you the current number but you're making a 'Wrong Number' call using the obsolete one. Then you go to Odoo and find out that it's changed.
Why not skip this round? Solution: Direct link. Deal.

How do you get the direct link? Open another browser, go to your Odoo, search for the person's profile page, and copy-paste that link. But this direct link still shows static info. 

What if you could have the current phone number (or at least the person's name with a direct link to your Odoo) in your Confluence page without leaving Confluence?

We are building a brand new experimental Odoo Connector for Confluence app which makes it convenient to gather all these details from Odoo.

During a meeting, you can add Odoo direct links like contacts, products, invoices and attendees, discussion items and action steps in your Confluence Meeting Notes using our app. When you follow up your tasks after the meeting, you can start them faster, as all info will be directly accessible for you.

How to do it

  1. When editing your Meeting Notes, simply add the Odoo Connect macro wherever you want the direct link to appear in your Page
  2. Select the Odoo Server, the Module and the record you want to see in Confluence
  3. Continue editing your Meeting Notes.



Tips & tricks

(info) you can use the "{" keyboard shortcut for quickly adding macros in Confluence.
(info) Learn more about setting up the Odoo Connect macro.
(info) Just like any other macro, Odoo Connect macro can be reused. If you need the same Module or Record in other parts of the Page, simply copy-paste the prepopulated macro in Edit mode and change it if needed.

What does it look like?

After saving your Meeting Notes, the Odoo direct links will appear where you added them. You can access these Odoo Records from Confluence now.

What's next?

This is just a small piece of the use cases when you might need Odoo data using Confluence. Some other use cases we can think of are:

  • generating HR documents from Confluence templates using Odoo HR data
  • generating invoices from Confluence template using Odoo Invoicing

If you had an option to access any Odoo (ERP) data in Confluence, what would you use it for?

What about the other way around? Would it be useful to access Confluence documents in Odoo?

We welcome your thoughts and insights on this topic.

1 comment

Stefan Padi
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
Those new to the Atlassian Community have posted less than three times. Give them a warm welcome!
March 17, 2020

I just cant figure out how i could use specific FIELDS of any selected record within the ODOO Connector Macro. You are showing how i can select a record of a specific model (f.e. Ticket). As i select this record in confluence - i get the Ticket name and ID in my Confluence page. But now, how can i show fields of even this specified ticket in the current page? For example, i would like to create a template where i select a ticket, and then get the Creation Date, Time needed, Ticket No. , Responsible Person etc. in the same page within confluence!

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