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Assigning Jira issues to other Company Managed Projects via Jira Teams

tristan_cruickshanks April 30, 2024

Our organisation is looking to move to a more standardised approach to using Jira.  Some of the changes will include the following: 

-  using company managed projects (unless by exception) 

- a standardised workflow 

- a standardised Jira hierarchy (issue types)  

 - standardised Jira issue templates

- set up and use of Jira Teams 

The idea behind this is, is to provide a clearer reporting structure across the org.  All our work relates back to executive OKRs. Progress can be more accurately traced. 

As some squads have a unique responsibility or skillset, we also want to be able to easily assign (share) work across our Squads (Jira projects) , without the need of duplication of issues or creating linked issues that are essentially the same thing.

The board filters for our company managed projects will look something like this:  project in (<Team Name>) OR "Team[Team]" = <Jira Team Code> ORDER BY Rank

Using this method allows both the original assigning Jira Project and the assigned Jira Project (team) to remain in sync as the issue appears on both project boards. 

This method is not without its problems...

- The JQL is not ideal for boards (the OR statement looking for Team values is an entire search and probably should be refined).

- Prior engagement or a heads up is required initially as issues assigned by Team value will go directly to the bottom of the allocated projects backlog - the assigned team will dictate which Sprint they assign the work to based on agreed priority.

- Agreeing on standardised items listed above,  across an organisation and all projects who have differing needs is no mean feat.

So this discussion is based on, what method does your organisation use and what issues (or advantages) do you have relating to the sharing or assigning of work across Jira company managed projects.

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tristan_cruickshanks May 27, 2024

The aforementioned board filter also creates problems with Admins not being able to complete and create new sprints 



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