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Using PluginSettings in Scriptrunner Jobs


Hello everyone,
i want to store some Data in PluginSettings and want to access it in my own Plugin. I can't seem to save my HashMap and ending in an StackOverflow.

import ...

public class XXX {
private static PluginSettingsFactory pluginSettingsFactory = null;

public XXX () {
this.pluginSettingsFactory = pluginSettingsFactory;

public void set(Object value){
pluginSettingsFactory.createGlobalSettings().put("xxx", value);

public static HashMap<String, List> readTrustedIsser(List<String> validIssuerEndpoints){
HashMap<String, List> validations = new HashMap<>();
List<PublicKey> validKeys = new ArrayList<>();
List<String> validIssuers = new ArrayList<>();
List<String> validKids = new ArrayList<>();
for(String issuer : validIssuerEndpoints)
JSONObject openIdConfig = getJSONHttp(issuer);
String jwks_uri = openIdConfig.getString("jwks_uri");
JSONArray jwks_keys = getJSONHttp(jwks_uri).getJSONArray("keys");
for(Object jwks_key : jwks_keys)
JSONObject jsonkey = (JSONObject) jwks_key;
PublicKey pub = getPublicKey(jsonkey.getString("n"), jsonkey.getString("e"));
validations.put("keys", validKeys);
validations.put("issuers", validIssuers);
validations.put("kids", validKids);
return validations;

public static JSONObject getJSONHttp(String uri) throws Exception
JSONObject json = new JSONObject();
CloseableHttpResponse responseGet = HttpClients.createDefault().execute(new HttpGet(uri));
if(responseGet.getStatusLine().getStatusCode() == 200)
String reponseStr = EntityUtils.toString(responseGet.getEntity());
json = new JSONObject(reponseStr);
return json;

public static PublicKey getPublicKey(String MODULUS, String EXPONENT) throws Exception
byte[] nb = base64UrlDecodeToBytes(MODULUS);
byte[] eb = base64UrlDecodeToBytes(EXPONENT);
BigInteger n = new BigInteger(1, nb);
BigInteger e = new BigInteger(1, eb);
RSAPublicKeySpec rsaPublicKeySpec = new RSAPublicKeySpec(n, e);
PublicKey publicKey = KeyFactory.getInstance("RSA").generatePublic(rsaPublicKeySpec);
return publicKey;

public static byte[] base64UrlDecodeToBytes(String input)
Base64 decoder = new Base64(-1, null, true);
return decoder.decode(input);

public static HashMap<String, List> doIt(){
final List<String> validIssuerEndpoints = Arrays.asList(
return readTrustedIsser(validIssuerEndpoints);

public static void main(String[] args) {
XXX x = new XXX();
HashMap<String, List> aa = x.doIt();

My HashMap has the correct data in it, my problem is the PluginSettingsFactory.

I think it's a simple problem, but I can't seem to find the root cause. Anyone with an idea? Thanks!

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For anyone with that problem, i found the solution.

PluginSettingsFactory pluginSettingsFactory;
PluginSettings pluginSettings = pluginSettingsFactory.createGlobalSettings();

Important to use the lines with @, needed some tome to find that out.

For Jira Server, replace with


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