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SOLVED: attach a file using REST from scriptrunner


I have created a very simple test script to figure out how to attach a file to an issue. The "file" is actually just text that I want to create a file. Since this is in the Cloud, I am assuming that I can't write the file to a temp file in order to import it.

import org.apache.http.entity.ContentType;
String text = "This is a simple set of text"

def response ="/rest/api/3/issue/CDFT-1/attachments")
.header("Accept", "application/json")
.header("Content-Type", "text/plain")
.header("X-Atlassian-Token", "no-check")
.field("file", text.getBytes(), "text.txt")

I get a 415 - Unsupported Media Type error from this. Any help is welcome

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After a lot of experimentation, I was able to successfully attach the file with the following code:


String key = 'MP-59'
def newBody = "Here is a text file that I want to attach"

InputStream stream = new ByteArrayInputStream(newBody.getBytes())

def resp ="/rest/api/3/issue/${key}/attachments")
.header("X-Atlassian-Token", "no-check")
.field('file', stream, 'test.txt')


The trick was to convert it to a stream so that it could be uploaded by Unirest 

Hi Derek,

thanks for the solution, it helped a lot. Unfortunately I have an issue with special characters in Czech language. For example "Č". So that, if I want to write a file with filename "Český jazyk.png", the output filename will be "?esk? jazyk.png". Can you please help me with this issue? I tried to resolve it by myself, but it was unsuccesfull.

Many thanks.

Best regards,


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I've never user Unirest ...  or jira-cloud ... but had some issues like that with an actual file and I ended up with something like this using httpBuilder:

def file = new File(filePath)
fileEntity = new MultipartEntityBuilder()
fileEntity.addBinaryBody("file", file)

def httpBuilder = new HTTPBuilder(baseUrl)
httpBuilder.request(Method.POST, "/rest/api/latest/issue/$key/attachments"){req ->
headers.Authorization = "myBasicAuthString"
body =

Note that I am not attaching an existing file, but a "file" that is simply a text string. Because I am in the Cloud, I can't create the file on disk first and then read it in as a file.

I know, I just wanted to provide the example of creating the fileEntity using the multipartEntyBuilder

btw, here is the full class path: 

import org.apache.http.entity.mime.MultipartEntityBuilder

 Looking that up a little, I see that you can do the following:

import org.apache.http.entity.mime.MultipartEntityBuilder

String text = "This is a simple set of text"

fileEntity = new MultipartEntityBuilder()
fileEntity.asTextBody("file", text)

def httpBuilder = new HTTPBuilder(baseUrl)
httpBuilder.request(Method.POST, "/rest/api/latest/issue/$key/attachments"){req ->
headers.Authorization = "myBasicAuthString"
body =

I  try to do as you @Peter-Dave Sheehan  but I have

Exception : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No encoder found for request content type */*

here is code 

def f = new File("/u/app/jira/jira_home/data/attachments/attach1.jpeg")
fileEntity.addBinaryBody("file", f)
def http = new HTTPBuilder("${addressJira}/rest/api/2/issue/TEST-1/attachments")
try {
http.request(POST) {
headers.'Authorization' = "Basic ${authString}"
headers."X-Atlassian-Token: nocheck"
// if add ContentType.ANY nothing changes
//contentType = ContentType.ANY
body =

response.success = { resp, json ->"Resp status " + resp.status.toString())

response.failure = { resp ->
log.warn("response code is : " + resp.status.toString())}
} catch (Exception exception) {
log.warn("Exception : " + exception)


Have you tried with

contentType = ContentType.BINARY


I have no experience using HTTPBuilder.setClient() methods.

Yes, I've tried, no luck.

That works

HttpClient httpClient = HttpClientBuilder.create().build()
HttpPost httpPost = new HttpPost("${addressJira}/rest/api/latest/issue/TEST-1013/attachments")
httpPost.setHeader("Authorization", "Basic ${authString}")
httpPost.setHeader("X-Atlassian-Token", "nocheck")
MultipartEntityBuilder entity = MultipartEntityBuilder.create()
entity.addPart("file", new FileBody(file))
HttpResponse response = httpClient.execute(httpPost)

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