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Build, Protect and Share - "Because later is too late."

Our present and the present of future generations are in our hands. Protect your life and the life of the planet


This article follows the article "The Chronicles of a Journey filled with Happiness, Team participation, Plan B, Co-Leaders, and COVID", where I explained the events we did to finish 2021. In this one, I will share more details of the Argentina Atlassian event we had on December 22nd, 2021, at the Botanical Garden of the City of Plottier, Argentina (Patagonia). We invited Atlassian partners to join us, and we had great support from Bit2Bit Americas, Old Street Solutions, Appfire, and Deiser. The goal was to acquire equipment and native plants for this young garden. This garden is a new place that will evolve with the participation of the community. In the same way, as you onboard new team members to the Atlassian platform, you need to think about the potential and develop a vision of what they will become.


When I saw this picture, I realized how engaged our young volunteers were. I can see the compromise about their care as well as the care of our planet. Thanks to their parents for involving them in this activity. It was a moment, and it will be a memory to share with their families in the future.



Once upon a time

I was a teenager; I was lucky enough to live with my superhero. This little boy loves nature as my Mom did and had the precision of my dad ( a bank Manager). I always remember his drawing of a garden in a small notebook. You are probably thinking of a couple of squares with lines (well, that is my version of a garden). However, his version had some geometric figures and many dots and numbers. So, of course, I asked about them. His simple answer was just "that is the number of seeds per species and the table the germination date ."I was speechless. I will never forget that moment of admiration for my little brother. My silent, low-profile hero! A hero without a cape with a huge heart and passion.



Fast forward, now a biologist and a curator in a Botanical Garden in Patagonia, Argentina, building, from the ground up, a new botanical garden. This project is part of an agreement between the Universidad de Flores( UFLO) and coordinated with Marcos Garcia from the Ente de Desarrollo Economico de Plottier" (EDEP) - Economic Development Committee City of Plottier, With limited resources and support, both are navigating the waters of creating from scratch something exceptional for this and future generations. By engaging local volunteers, citizens, Non-governmental organizations, they are, little by little, recovering a fantastic area in the urban area of Plottier, Neuquén Argentina, the Argentinean Patagonia. And as he did many years ago with the garden, he also drew the botanical garden at scale with a high level of detail. Plants watered with buckets and every single drop of sweat and passion, looking for a place to grow and bloom. This garden is a natural ecosystem, where you will see the lagoon, the nutria, birds, and fishes. It is a place where thousands of visitors find peace. Despite the early stage of this development, local teachers walked the path with hundreds of kids.  

Magic is everywhere, and it starts with a seed, a simple hole, a plant, and water—another priceless smile.



Descubri tu Destino - The secrets of the Botanical Garden 

The Argentina Atlassian Community and the Atlassian Ecosystem are stepping up!

How does this story relate to the Atlassian Community? Well, it was just with one idea based on the "What if we donate some plants and equipment and involve the community in this endeavor?"

The answer was, of course, let's do it! The challenge was to find the funds, and that is when the Atlassian ecosystem of Partners decided to join and help us. Without the support from Appfire, Bit2Bit Americas, Old Street Solutions, and Deiser, this idea would be just that, "a dream." But, thanks to them, it morphed into a reality.

I also invited the Cordoba Argentina Atlassian Community co-leaders Edgardo Bianco and Marcos Milanesio. They shared their volunteer hours between this initiative and Argentina Atlassian Day.


The ripple effect of a simple act

We wanted to ensure that this initiative has a ripple effect impacting more than the botanical garden. We wanted to share this experience involving and recognizing the work of other Atlassian Community Leaders from all over the world, helping local economies and empowering local volunteers. So, to follow that line of thought, we make some decisions as we evolve with the ideas.

  • A local volunteer will plant every native plant on behalf of an Atlassian Community Leader or Community Team member based on their tenure as leaders and recognition for their efforts. In this phase, we will recognize more than 100 leaders. Each of them will receive a "Native Plant Adoption Certificate" with information regarding the native plant that includes common, scientific, and family names and the zone GPS location.
  • To support local businesses, and thanks to the donation of Atlassian partners, we purchased the plants in local nurseries. And, as the event was close to Christmas, we included two classic elements for Argentinean families: the panettone and apple cider. Both of them are from local growers and artisans, pure craftsmanship.
  • Local journalists and communications media is essential element to engage the community. The team from "Busca tu Destino" was there and recorded the event and other events in the garden.

Descubri tu Destino - Event overview (Spanish)

  • To nourish the plants, we purchased and donated some equipment: a water pump with 200 meters of a special hose with water valves to flood the different areas with water from the lagoon. A considerable improvement as the volunteer watered the plants with plastic buckets. We also added a weed trimmer and a hole digger. This equipment will make a difference and optimize volunteers' time.


The event

We started welcoming volunteers. As we gathered and explained the event, families, and volunteers gathered next to where the musical show was getting ready. It was a hot summer day in Patagonia, but it didn't stop the passion and love for our planet. With buckets of water in our hands, we shared the moment with kids who were learning the most critical lesson in their lives—being part of the future of their planet. They planted a new life and nurtured it to share it with their family in the future.


Special thanks to all the volunteers that participated. They were instrumental in this event.



Time to dig - "All hands on deck." Despite having some holes ready, we had to dig new ones. So with or without the proper tools, we created a new location for the native plants.



Planting - All the volunteers planted native plants guided by our experts. 



Watering - Hot summer days require some freshwater, so the volunteers watered the new members of the botanical garden with the buckets.


To save the planet, we need to generate opportunities.

The day after the event, I visited the local Farmers Market in Plottier organized by the EDEP. We need to participate and generate opportunities so others can get involved. As I saw local citizens sorting plastic, glass, cardboard for recycling, I realized how important it is to create chances. The EcoPoint is one of the collection points of plastic converted into benches and pots used in local places like the botanical garden and farmers market.



My other heroes

As you probably know, the Atlassian Community is run based on local chapters user groups led by volunteers. As in the online community, they donate their time and passion, generating growth and knowledge-sharing opportunities. This effort is dedicated to them that are opening the door of the Atlassian Magic for many years. Although we received a lot in retribution, the most valuable for me is their friendship and encouragement during all these years, sharing great moments. 

To all the Atlassian Community Leaders, please continue with your effort as volunteers helping others, organizing events, and sharing your knowledge. For those that will receive the Adoption Certificate, please accept it as a humble token of appreciation for your time and dedication. As you continue with your events, a little plant is growing in Patagonia, Argentina, nourished by volunteers like you who understand the importance of giving. Thanks!



A Learning Experience and the first one of many, I hope.

Without a doubt, a learning experience that I was able to share with my little daughter Isabella and with my brother Hernan. We enjoyed every moment, including watering a couple of plants in honor of our parents. 


And then, the Atlassian Initiative.

A few days after our event, Atlassian released an AD in the New York Times. I had an incredible sensation knowing that our events were aligned with the overall strategy. I like how they ended the ad, "Because later is too late."



Atlassian: Climate action can't wait


Unstoppable, What is next? - The challenge: a botanical garden for all of us.

tools copy.png

For the second phase, we will have better tools to be more effective using our volunteer's time.


This first event is not the end. For 2022 we would like to do more. Plant more native plants and apply what we learn from the Jean Maggie foundation. In a meeting with Jean, he said something that reached my heart. "Giving bike is a finite act that will end eventually. But, changing the perception and acceptance of disability is an infinite accomplishment."

He always says, "The difficult you make it, the impossible you try it."

So for phase 2, we want to challenge the team running the garden to go for more. All citizens need to enjoy this little paradise, so let's make the path so they can use the adapted bikes or wheelchairs. We want to be sure that nobody is behind, allowing youths, older adults, and those with physical impediments to enjoying the birds' sounds, the sight of the beaver, and the leaves' songs as they move with the wind. I hope we can see some of the Jean Maggi adapted bikes in the botanical garden in the future. That particular yellow color will shine in the garden as the smile of those riding it. Join me! You can be part of this dream.


Ruben, Angel, and Ulises as well as any other individual deserve an adapted path to enjoy this wonderful place. Let's complete phase 2 for them


Getting ready for the next event: The Argentina Atlassian Day - Cordoba - Argentina


And she was tired and ready for the 18 hours bus ride to Cordoba, where we had the Argentina Atlassian Day and dinner to close our 2021. That is another story for an additional post. Thanks for supporting the Atlassian Community. 


Read more about the Argentina Atlassian Day here. It was a success but with a lot of hurdles to overcome!






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Leslie Lee
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
January 31, 2022

This is amazing. Thank you for spearheading this incredible, meaningful act, @Fabian A. Lopez (Community Leader - Argentina, Florida, California) !

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Andy Gladstone
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
January 31, 2022

@Fabian A. Lopez (Community Leader - Argentina, Florida, California) I finally sat down to read the entire article and I am just blown away. What an amazing initiative and idea. I’ve seen some of your certificates displayed on LinkedIn and those that have received them have been the recipients of great gifts that will continue to help others well into the future. 

Like # people like this
Fabian A. Lopez (Community Leader - Argentina, Florida, California)
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
January 31, 2022

Thanks, @Leslie Lee 

The whole Atlassian Community team and partners are the key protagonist of this adventure created to honor all the Community Leaders. Just a small token of appreciation for them.

Like # people like this
Fabian A. Lopez (Community Leader - Argentina, Florida, California)
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
January 31, 2022

Thanks, @Andy Gladstone 

Sorry for the length of the article , but I was trying to share the experience the best I can. I think that all of you, Community Leaders, are doing a phenomenal job and I was looking for a way to express that. The original idea was to get a native plant for all community leaders and online champions but the nursery was out of stock, so we purchased equipment and we are working on phase 2.

The idea of asking the leaders to share the certificates was to generate awareness about this place in the Patagonia. For them it is important to see the interest of other people and the impact of small actions. They don't have a lot of resources and creating a botanical garden from scratch is not easy, but I think they are in the right path. (I didn't ask to mention my name, lol I was just looking to mention the Botanical Garden... ). They want to see how far those certificates landed.

Thanks for reading the article and I hope it can serve as inspiration to others. We can change many things just starting with small steps like this one.

Like # people like this
Fabian A. Lopez (Community Leader - Argentina, Florida, California)
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
February 1, 2022
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