My first summit

I missed the past 2 summits due to the timing of my hiring, but I am so glad I got to go to my first summit, and I am so glad it's in Las Vegas, one of my favorite places to visit. Shout out to Jeff Tillett for being an awesome manager and leader!


Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 12, 2019

@Anthony Wu We're so glad you made it, Anthony! Would love for you to share your experiences here. And welcome. 😄

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Stephanie Grice Community Manager Apr 13, 2019

Welcome, @Anthony Wu ! How was your first Summit? And, yes, Jeff is awesome :)

@Stephanie Grice my first summit was absolutely amazing! I had so much fun, got to meet so many great people, and best of all, it was in Las Vegas! Can't go wrong there!

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