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So Im new here

brian_goulter November 17, 2020

Sadly, I am not a social creature.

And I'm getting old.

I am trying to use Bitbucket, but all I am getting so far is total grief.  Help is not helpful; Google hasn't been my friend. When I see suggestions of "just do ..."   I have no idea how to do that. When I get error messages, I have no idea what they mean.  When I look up the error messages in Google hoping to find out what to do, I get no useful help.

Even when there is some useful suggestions like  "type the following ..."  it is not clear what needs to be typed exactly as it is, and what is "suggested values" that will be replaced with my values.




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Kat Warner
Marketplace Partner
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November 17, 2020

Hi Brian. You are welcome to post your questions in the Bitbucket product section where you should get some helpful answers. 


Good luck

brian_goulter November 17, 2020

Hi Kat

thanks for the reply (and helpful suggestion). You may have picked up a hint that Im a frustrated user. 

I hope it is not surprising that I did post a question to the BitBucket product section.  My question was titled 

Cant delete Project that has no Repositories

I thought I was doing something simple.  All I wanted to do is delete a project which has No repositories in it.  But I get a message saying that I cant delete the project because it still contains repositories. 

I recognise that the question has only been there for 2 hours.  However, from my point of view, I am wanting to do a very simple, totally basic thing.  But it is not a happening thing.  Am I just stupid? 


Brian Goulter November 17, 2020

And to save anyone searching for that question,  I found out what the problem is.  I had an old Mercurial repository and BitBucket no longer supports Mercurial.  The repository is not listed in the Project it belonged to  but did show on a page that lists all repositories (in any project). 

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Kat Warner
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
November 17, 2020

What a frustrating issue!

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Konstantin Nazarov November 17, 2020

Hey man, everyone has a rough time.  But a hard time is not a time to get discouraged.  Perhaps you should look for a development team that is already working at Bitbucket, help them with their work, understand what your problem is with Bitbucket. There are 2 main problems in work. 1 - a problem in competence, 2 - a problem in the organization of work. The first problem is easier to solve, because  to solve it, you just need to get this competence, and in the Atlassian communities, questions are answered. The second problem, the fact that you are not a social person, leads us to the Options for solving the second problem. This is that the members of the development teams are specialists whose time is paid not for communication, but for skills in development. For this, the development team can hire a project manager (for example, me :)) By the way, I am also a developer, but here I am as a project manager.  I like this role). By the way, your project manager, according to the Scrum guidelines, is interested in expanding your competence, is interested in finding those solutions to your problems, in finding consultants in the subject area, as well as in establishing conflict-free communication in the team.

 Total.  If you came not with emotion, but for advice, then I have 4 of them.


1.Find and join a development team.  (Take part in the discussion of the code on Git, on the forums) Become at least a "young specialist" (junior) at the entrance and establish yourself in Dev team.

2.Hire a project manager with the whole team (by the way, in the message in the group, for newcomers, which is published on Wednesdays,

I would like to see someone from the developers, and the fact that you are not a social person adds complexity to my role-playing game in Jira and Confluence.  Check out my comment, and if you have interest, you will receive an invitation to role-play in Jira. This is an open invitation. The activity of new community members, unfortunately, is not as high as I would like, but you wrote a message, and Perhaps  You evaluate yourself more socially, just others are less social than you :))) 

3 Communicate in communities.  Answer others' questions yourself, set "like" them, people are pleased when their message is noticed, and Atlassian maintains live communication in the communities.  Did you find the answer to a question that you couldn't find an answer to on the net? Excellent! Write a post about it. After all, in order for you to find the answer to your question on the network, someone had to write this answer.  Right? And if this answer was not there, and you wrote it, then now this answer will be on the network. We use the benefits of the World and make the World around us better ourselves.

4.If you are overtaken by sadness, then in my country in such cases it is advised to read this book, based on real events that happened to the pilot during the Second World War.

 "A Story about a Real Man"

There is no particular advice with it.  It's just that people read this book and their attitude to problems changes.

Have a nice day,  @brian_goulter 

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brian_goulter November 17, 2020

Thanks Konstantin for the response.  It is appreciated.

And I am happy to receive (evaluate?) advice  (although Im not sure I ever get to separate emotions from how I act).  I can respond with reference to your thoughts "by number".

1) I am doing this work at home by myself (holiday time...).  So the things I want to work on will not involve a team. Are you suggesting that I join someone else's team and develop code for them?  (My place of work is using Jira and BitBucket and I suspect I am going to be required to join in  -  although Im not a developer, so I wont get access to the repositories at work).

2) I have zero budget, so I will not be in a position to hire a project manager.  I have read through your Welcome Wednesday post. Im happy to have a go at the Jira role-play.

3) I am happy to contribute (but maybe not while Im such a newbie).

4) I'm not overtaken by sadness (frustration is different). I'm happily married (coming up on 40 years now) and have 3 great (fully grown adult) children. I have good health.  I have a few good friends  (and judging by what others seem to mean by the word "friend",  then I have a more than fifty people who I could say 'and here is my friend xxx')

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Konstantin Nazarov November 17, 2020

Sometimes slight self-irony in the text is poorly separated from the border separating a person and his metaporcal "step out of the window", especially when it is not clear with what emotion the text is written. Sometimes people get discouraged by such little things in the background of other problems. I am glad that you were self-ironic. @brian_goulter when the game is ready, you will receive an invitation.

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Veronique DUFOUR November 17, 2020

@brian_goulter maybe this link could help with some of the error messages related to git commands. I helped me when I encountered a merge problem.
Some git command line 

Veronique DUFOUR November 17, 2020

Oupss I only saw the initial question not the replies. Sorry!

brian_goulter November 17, 2020

Hi Veronique

a) thanks for the reply.  The link is helpful (although I am not even at the stage where I can get an initial pull or post working.  Merging is for the future.  I will put up specific questions related to my problems later).   

Even then I will be the only one editing any files in the repository. So I dont expect to have difficulties in the merging process.   

b) I have put up a question regarding what I thought would be something simple (deleting a Project that has no repositories).  Once that one gets ticked off, I will venture into some of my more esoteric questions.


Just as an example of a newbies view of instructions, I was trying to clone a (new) repository and was asked to enter the URL.    So I looked at the Web Browser and copied down the URL  (pretty easy huh?)   But that does not work.  What is not obvious to a newbie is that there is ".git" at the end of the URL.  You get that information if you use BitBuckets copy the URL option.     But even simple instructions can trip up those who are new to all of this.

John Funk
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
November 17, 2020

Hello and Welcome, Brian!

We are glad you are here!!

Although I don't work with Bitbucket (we use GitHub), I am confident some really smart and compassionate Community Leaders will jump to the rescue. Just remember to be patient with us as well as we are only users like yourself, but enjoy helping where we can. 

I am praying for you and your family and your role in your company. 

Brian Goulter November 17, 2020

Thanks John

(and yes, I appreciate that the time taken by other in offering help is being offered generously).  I am slowly making progress. Im at the point now where I am nuking all of my "learn how to do this stuff" repositories.  There are wrong choices made in ignorance. eg  when it says "origin"  in one of the fields where I am connecting my  IDE to the version control system, do I leave that word there or type in the repository name or is it the URL?    So I am going for the "Clean Slate" approach.

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Liam Green
Rising Star
Rising Star
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November 18, 2020

Hi @brian_goulter 

Firstly, welcome to the Community!

As with John above, I have no knowledge of Bitbucket - so I can't provide any factual help.

What I can hopefully do is point you in some directions that may assist:

  1. The Bitbucket collection on the Community: All the questions, articles and discussions around Bitbucket will show up here
  2. Free Atlassian training: Not sure this will help, but there is a link to some Bitbucket training that Atlassian offer

My final piece of advice, and this isn't meant to be patronising in any way, is to rant away!  We all need it sometimes, so come to the Community, start a discussion like you have here, and have a rant.  So long as it is polite, and not too long, you're likely to get responses like you have to this one... some will help, some will agree, some will just say 'chin up' - any of those always makes me feel like my problem is a little easier!

If all of the above fails, then take a deep breath and a large slice of cake (or swig of beer, or bar of chocolate, etc)

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Brian Goulter November 18, 2020

Thanks Liam.  I have joined the Bitbucket group. The training looks interesting - I will go through it today.

(and thanks for the 'rant' advice.)


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Erica Moss
Rising Star
Rising Star
Rising Stars are recognized for providing high-quality answers to other users. Rising Stars receive a certificate of achievement and are on the path to becoming Community Leaders.
November 21, 2020

@brian_goulter Welcome, Brian! I'm sorry to hear you're frustrated, but I assure you we've got some awesome people with tons of advice for you. It sounds like you're already getting great suggestions!

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Brian Goulter November 21, 2020

Thanks Erica

I now have a working Bitbucket repo! 

My (Python) code is in a Virtualbox VM (Ubuntu 18.04). I use Pycharm as my IDE. Even then, I use a venv (virtual environment). I have copies of others work in the root for this "project" (I say Project, but my code is in only one file). The code from others is ignored by Bitbucket. 

I could not get Bitbucket working with the existing Pycharm project. I tried (hard!).

In the end I created a new repo in Bitbucket. I cloned the repo using Bitbucket's helpful tool for use with Pycharm. I then had a new empty project on my local VM. Then I added the venv, other's code and used copy & paste from my original file so that I could practice commits.

So, Frustration Averted.

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