Updating due dates using a numeric custom field and arithmetic

Adam Stanley March 23, 2023

I have a list of items which has the following fields:


Last Done: [date]

Next Due: [date]

Frequency: a number (of days between the item being repeated).


The intention is that a card is moved to a "Done" column once done, but then automatically moves back to the original list on a certain frequency to be performed again.

Cards will have different frequencies, hence the need for a custom field.

In my head I thought I would do some arithmetic like: if a card is moved to Done, set Last Done as today and set Next Due as today plus frequency (number of days). Automation two would then be: if a card in Done has a Next Due date of today, move it to the original list.


Is something like this doable in Trello and if so, how?


I can see how you can do consistent updating of dates if the extended number of days is the same, but not how to do it if different cards have different frequencies!

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Adam Stanley March 23, 2023

Solved! I had just overlooked the right setting, was convinced Trello would know how to do it!


When a card is moved into the Done list


Update Next Due to {{%Frequency}} days from now.


That was easier than I'd made it initially!

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