Simple way to download multiple attachments on Trello Card

Mike Sheley February 12, 2019

I often share content with coworkers, especially are communications department. For some projects, they have several attachments on one Trello card. Is there a way to "Download all" attachments rather than going one-by-one?

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enrico rovere March 8, 2024

ho trovato questo

Power-Up | Trello

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Ben Schrader February 23, 2022

The File Manager power-up is the answer to this. It's perfect.

Andrew June 30, 2022

Is this a free power-up? Or precisely how much does this add to the cost of running Trello?

Being held to ransom by multiple 'power-up' developers due to core functionality being overlooked by Atlassian is not a solution we can afford.

If this really is a 'solution', then please could you also post the cost? Thanks.

We have found that too many 'power-up' developers fail to disclose their actual pricing on the power-up page.

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Iain Dooley
Community Leader
Community Leader
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February 12, 2019

@Mike Sheley no there's not, you can store files in a linked Google Drive folder instead of using Trello's card attachments.

In the Benko Board integration I created, you could also use the "zip" command to zip all the attachments on a card and email them to yourself (or someone else):

Andrew October 7, 2019

Why can we not organise the attachments on a card into folders? I have seen this talked about elsewhere on the Trello boards, but nothing seems to be happening regarding this usability improvement.

I realise that you tech companies love adding your bells and whistles, and that feature-creep is now pretty much standard operating procedure in software. But the lack of attention to significant usability issues in Trello is (a) quite depressing; and (b) quite telling.

We adopted Trello as it *looked like* it would provide us a human-centred approach to project management (we are not in the IT industry). However, in using Trello over the last year our team has discovered a growing number of fairly basic interface design flaws that it seems Trello just don't care about addressing. While these would seem to be minor issues, collectively they significantly degrade the Trello experience — especially for a team that is not technology focussed.

Please understand that addressing these interface problems (like the lack of label names in the iOS app; like not allowing attachment folders; like not allowing the threading of comments) have been solved in other apps, so are not in themselves grand innovations. But if implemented in Trello they would make for a *greatly* improved user experience.

I assume that such features are not the 'cool', 'neat' coding you prefer to spend your time doing. But please bear in mind that demonstrating a real, in-depth attention to the user experience is precisely the thing that engenders customer loyalty.

Conversely, not doing this stuff will have us looking elsewhere.

Andrew Croft August 11, 2020

There is **NO WAY** to download multiple files for this PROJECT MANAGEMENT PLATFORM?????


Told client I'm not being paid enough to have to deal with this crap.

I won't let the door hit my ass on the way out...

Email has been and always will be, plenty sufficient if this is the type of wall these platforms come up against.

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