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Automatic Time Tracking in Trello

dfs dfsfsdfsdf November 14, 2017

I was wondering on how I can go about getting automatic time tracking for cards in Trello.

The timer would begin when a user moves a card from the list To Do to the list Counting. If the card is moved from the list Counting from the list To Do, the timer would pause and would continue to record time once it is moved back to the list Counting.

If a card is moved from the list Counting to the list Done, the timer will stop.



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Vitaliy Filipov April 7, 2020

There's something in the marketplace called Assista and it does exactly what you seek. You can check it out directly at:

Trello Power-up link


How to

Looking at it is more powerful than simply "move your card to track time". It can track time for teams (joining a card which is in "in progress" column) or track time for all participants in a card simultaneously.

I'm also sick from start/stop buttons. I just don't get it - if I use kanban Trello with discipline (moving my cards when I actually work on them) I should get my tracked time as a side effect.

Henry Beckwith February 10, 2023

Wow this power up is amazing. It

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Genti Tola November 14, 2023

Card Time In List does what you are looking for and much more.

By default the tool stores even the previous times it has been on a list.

You can exclude lists like TODO and DONE to achieve what you are looking for.

Additinally the Power-Up lets you export durations, skip certain days in calculations, provide time spent in each list, time spent on board, time until due date etc.


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Monika June 27, 2019

Hi, we are working with zistemo which is very easy to use but powerful.
There is no need to move it into counting, just start the timer button and we see the timer running on your card. You see always on which card your timer is running and how much time you spend compared to a budget. All managing inside trello without leaving the App.


Screenshot 2019-06-27 13.05.31.png

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Sami Linnanvuo {Screenful}
Marketplace Partner
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May 17, 2018

The Screenful Power-Up has a report that shows how long cards stay in the specified lists in your Trello board. It's described in this blog post which contains a video tutorial as well. 

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Atlassian Team
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November 16, 2017

While that feature's not natively supported within Trello, we've collected a list of different extensions and integrations which offer time tracking within Trello here: Time Tracking

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns, and we'd be happy to help.

Kierstin Payne January 3, 2018

Hi, I noticed that list is a little old because it still lists the chrome extension for Harvest (and there is a power up now). I was just curious if any of the new Atlassian power ups incorporate time tracking with Trello? We have never used any of the Atlassian products, however we use Trello combined with Harvest at the moment. I've been looking into what new options there may be after the acquisition of Trello. We don't use Harvest for invoicing anymore (after we were acquired) so it seems like a waste to only use it for time tracking and the Atlassian products are something we have looked into in the past, but always loved Trello so we've never made the move. I'm excited to learn more about how you can incorporate the suite of products, but time tracking is very important to us. 


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