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Hello Trello!

Brittany Joiner Community Leader Sep 17, 2019

@Andy - PTC Redundant reminded me about this fantastic idea from @Erica Moss 's post on the evolution of the Trello Community about Hello Trello discussions introducing ourselves!

So.... hi!



About Me: 

I'm 27, and instantly become addicted Trello when I was in college and started using it for a marketing agency I worked at.

By day, I work in marketing for Elastic doing demand generation for our Search Solutions.

When I'm not working on marketing, you'll find me learning to program, coming up with new ways to use Trello, reading non-fiction books, defeating my husband in a game of Dutch Blitz, or fixing a lever on my dirt bike that I inevitably broke again. 

I also really love to write... but only when it's things I'm super passionate about. You can find me on the trello blog, and I also blog on my personal website and Medium, where I write about trello, business, marketing, productivity, and any other random musings on life.


My Trello Boards

I use Trello for a lot of things, both personally and professionally. My favorite board is what I call my Life Dashboard. It's where I organize all the things I'm working on, keep track of my longer term goals and updating dates and expenses. (I also do some journaling on here sometimes, but admittedly I've gotten out of a bit of a habit with it.)

Here's a snippet of what it's looking like this week. 


My Top Trello Tips

Start small. It's easy to get excited about all the cool things Trello can do, but if you try to set up the perfect board off the bat, you'll get analysis paralysis. Just throw some lists and cards on there and iterate as you go!

Also, try to keep as much as you can in one board. One of the things I like about Trello is being able to zoom out and see the whole picture in a board, and then zoom in (go to a card) and see the tiny details that contribute to that big picture. I find Trello works best when I can keep as much in one board as possible and only split up boards when projects are totally unrelated.

Make Trello friends! You can do that here in the community! Just introduce yourself, see what others are talking about, ask questions, answer questions if you can, and have fun!


Erica Moss Community Manager Sep 17, 2019

Me settling in to read this post


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Hello @Brittany Joiner ! This is a great post. Love it. 

Nice snapshot of your board. Got any classic articles you've written for community that deep-dives into your boards a bit...?? 

Wow... that blog.... the personal website... that photo collection! That's some next level stuff! #EPIC.

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"Addicted...".... ??
You make me think of some classic FunManAndy artwork I made sometime ago..... definitely fits you! Updated it with a Trello logo for ya plus the new ACL terminology! ENJOY!



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Brittany Joiner Community Leader Sep 24, 2019

Wow @Andy - PTC Redundant this is so fantastic!!

What great artwork you have!


And yes!! Here are some of my fav Trello articles I've written (and got another one coming soon!)

  1. How to Build a Daily Habit Tracker
  2. Getting Started with Scrum and Trello for your Team at Work
  3. How to Develop a Highly Effective Weekly Ritual with Trello

You can read a few others here :)

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Brittany Joiner Community Leader Sep 24, 2019

Oh and specific articles here within the community itself...

Here's a few of those :)  (can you tell I really like to write about Trello?)


  1. How I Used Trello to Manage My Moving Process
  2. Using Trello to Facilitate Skill Sharing
  3. Using Trello to Manage Marketing Experiments
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Excellent. Thanks for the SHARE !! 👍🤩 You are now well and truly bookmarked in my Great Blog list!

I could not tell, no... 🤔😯Perhaps you should share some more articles.....?? hah hah! 😋🤪🤣

Thanks for the compliment on the Artwork... I miss my old Macbook with my full range of visual studios and licenses for film / gif editing.. but oh well! I seem to still get the job done.

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Mirek Community Leader Oct 08, 2019

Yeah.. Nice artwork @Andy - PTC Redundant :)

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Thanks for the compliment @Mirek ! 

LarryBrock Community Leader Oct 15, 2019

Great article @Brittany Joiner !!  I'm just getting started on my "Trello journey" and appreciate all the input I can get.

From my brief experience, I agree that keeping it simple to get started and staying as consolidated as possible at all times are great practices.  My goal is to move most of our household operations to a board with shared one-offs for "vacations with friends", "vacations with family", etc.  Perhaps once I get a little further down the road, I'll have the courage to write an article on my own experience. :-)

Thanks again!

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