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Share Trello cards with anyone, no need to add them to Trello

Hipporello's Trello Card Share Power-Up makes it easier to collaborate with external stakeholders without the need for Trello account or subscription. 

It allows you to share Trello cards publicly, with anyone who has the link, or privately, by specifying an email address. Recipients can view the shared card's content simply by using the link, no Trello account required. Shared cards are published on a gated web portal, ensuring safety and easy access.

How does the Card Share Power-Up help?

  • Secure Web Portal Publication: All shared cards are published on a dedicated web portal, ensuring that recipients can view the card information without accessing your entire Trello board. This maintains privacy and security, showing only the shared card details. 
  • Share cards publicly or privately: Choose to share your cards with a broad audience (with anyone with the link) or restrict access to specific individuals by email, offering flexibility based on your project needs.
  • Bypass collaborator limits: With the ability to share cards externally, you collaborate with some people by sharing individual cards with them if they are not essential team members. This way you can conserve your limited collaborator slots for essential team members. 
  • Cost-effective collaboration: This Power-Up provides a cost-effective way to involve external partners, clients, or contractors in your projects without incurring additional subscription fees. 

Watch the video below to see how it works:

Who is the Card Share Power-Up for?

The Power-Up is used by many regardless of industry or team size. Whether you're coordinating with a contractor, seeking feedback from a client, or sharing project updates with stakeholders, the Card Share Power-Up ensures that your collaborative efforts remain unhindered by the collaborator limitations. It's an ideal tool for:

  • Project management involving external consultants
  • Client-facing teams requiring frequent feedback
  • Organizations engaging with stakeholders on specific tasks


Check out the Power-Up and integrate this essential tool into your Trello boards today. Feel free to ask your questions here or chat with us through our website



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