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Reporting options for Trello - reviewed!

Last year I spent quite a lot of time compiling the Blue Cat ultimate reporting guide for Trello I wanted to share some of the details for the community here. If you are interested in or have ever had an interest in reporting options for Trello hopefully this will be of use. Below is just a quick skim through some of the reporing options you are most likely to need, and possibly haven't seen yet. Let's look at some charts!


I broke our reporting guide down into the different types of reporting tools I found for Trello. These are mostly Power-Ups, but some of these are built directly into Trello. I have focussed below on what I would consider the most widely applicable reporting options, see my note at the bottom for other report types I skipped here.

Exporting data from Trello

One of the simplest reporting options is to just look at exporting data from Trello, you can then create your reports in Excel or Google Sheets. The simplest option here is Trello's built-in Board Export feature. If you are using the free version of Trello or need more control over your exports (or want them as a pdf) then take a look at Orah Apps export pup

Time tracking for Trello

Time tracking is one of the largest groups of Power-Ups for Trello, we reviewed 6 options here. The ones relevant to most people are these four

- Planyway is mostly known for their Gantt charts but has a pretty solid time tracking tool built-in as well. Time tracking is a paid add-on but if you are keen on their Gantt charts it may be the best option for you.

- Harvest just do time tracking so you know they are good at it! Harvest brings all the power of timesheets to Trello but requires you to access most of those capabilities outside of Trello. Free for 1 user then $12 for each additional user after that

- TimeCamp is another time tracking and timesheeting tool similar to Harvest, prices start at Free with limited capabilities up to $10/user for their Pro version.

- Chronos is the only option here that operates entirely within Trello, and while the capabilities are a bit limited it is totally free. Definitely worth checking out alongside any of the above for those reasons.

Flexible Reporting options for Trello

There are 4 main options when it comes to Flexible reporting tools for Trello. Two are built by Trello so are available as part of their free or paid offerings. Two are 3rd party add-ons. I will talk about Trello's own tools first since you likely already have them 😀

- Dashcards is a nice and fairly new Power-Up from Trello which lets you add numbers/statistics as Cards on your Trello boards. This is great for adding some reporting right onto your Trello boards without having to go and look in some other tool. 

- Workspace Table is not as fully featured as some of the tools here but if all you need is a filtered table of Cards from across your workspace it does exactly that! You can also update your cards from within the table, something none of the other tools here offer.

- Blue Cat Reports lets you create different charts with whatever data you want in them, then Drag and Drop them to set up any report you might want. Quick Lists are similar to Trello's Workspace table but with some different approaches to filtering and no ability to update data from the table. Reports can be sent as emails or exported to Excel/CSV. Prices start at $4/member monthly.

- Screenful Reports lets you select from a variety of pre-built charts and reports and select the data you want to display in them. Prices start at $39/month.


We also reviewed Gantt Charts, Burndown and Scrum/Kanban reporting options. I've not included the full details for those above (but can write another article if people are interested?) I feel like those are maybe a little more niche than the above categories.



Daniel Dixon April 18, 2023

Great list @Robin Warren _Blue Cat Reports_!

I'll throw one more option into the mix!

Unito recently released it's 10th Power-Up, Export & Sync, which tackles the problem of getting data out of Trello and into Google Sheets. 

In just a few clicks, you can export your entire board directly to Google Sheets, then get live updates to your spreadsheet whenever cards are added or changed going forward.

This way, your can share progress and build reports on real-time Trello data, without having to manually export and clean CSVs 📊

Robin Warren _Blue Cat Reports_
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
April 19, 2023

Thanks @Daniel Dixon I'll make sure to add that to the guide. Congratulations!


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