Peanut Butter Cups for the Ween

Michael_Wolfe Community Leader Oct 25, 2018

Welcome to the time of the year when we all start gorging ourselves on candy. For me, it starts with buying those mondo bags of mixed candies with the intent of unloading it all on the costumed kiddies. It ends up being half for me and half for the kids. The trend just seems to continue until all of the after Christmas sale candy is devoured and the sugar crash ensues.

This year I plan to save myself a few thousands of carbs from sugar all with the help from Trello. I am listing out the snack sized candy bars, ranking them based on personal opinion, and giving them an impact rating based on points using labels. The idea is to only allow myself so many points per day. Odds are I'll sneak a few candies along the way, but at least I'll have this pretty board ;)Screen_Shot_2018-10-11_at_2.19.00_PM.png

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Erica Moss Community Manager Oct 26, 2018

@Michael_Wolfe Candy board = 💯💯💯


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