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Latest Sourcetree update is terrible

Juraj Husar February 16, 2016

Not only design changes are really strange - application now looks so crappy but also functionality is not working correctly. Eg. diff functionality after clicking to file is not event showing file, or showing not most recent saved version – it worked well before.

Real step back sad

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William White February 16, 2016

Completely agree;  first, the registration pop which loads the authentication web page never loaded;  After re-launching it, it loaded but was too narrow to see anything;  Finally got past that and now, every time I merge from another branch into my current branch,  the entire UI becomes blocked by what appears to be a hidden/invisible popup.  I can no longer click on the anything and the "quit" option on the file menu is blocked!!  Not to mention the UI looks awful.

ddpkts February 17, 2016

the same here, now after merge I have to kill -9 SourceTree process sad

Juan Lomán February 17, 2016

The invisible pop-up issue happens to me as well, need to force-quit all the time

jonaraph February 17, 2016

Here too

John Keith February 18, 2016

Same problem I'm facing as well.  Merges cause the UI to hang.

Roy Leban February 18, 2016

I had to try three times before I could re-register the product I paid for and have been using for years. Huh?

n/a n/a February 18, 2016

Source Tree freezes every time there is a conflict. maybe it's too terrified to make a marge?

Jeroen van Vianen February 18, 2016

Same here, UI freezes all the time...

Rich Hogan February 19, 2016

the freeze on merge is really problematic...   

please, please, please work this weekend to provide a patch, or suggest a  workaround...

Dorian February 21, 2016

Same here as well. I rolled back to the previous version and I will skip 2.2. Hopefully the next update will address this...

Laurel Cooper February 22, 2016

I am having the same issue, skipping this update!


BagusTesa February 24, 2016

yep, all problem above and my bookmarks just unrecognized. damn, my works.

davotoula April 15, 2016

same. What a shame from a product that I used to recommend to many professionals.

Have Atlassian outsourced the development of Sourcetree?

ngvtien August 23, 2017

Completely agree, it's a shocker.. looking for alternatives, just can't work with it.

hunvil rodrigues September 5, 2018

Cannot agree further. ridiculous

Deleted user January 6, 2019

I absolutely agree and these forums are not of much help either

Xiaofei Zhang June 18, 2019

totally agree

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100jan February 17, 2016

New layout is just plain terrible. Why so ugly? Where did the colors go? Reconsider please.

Jefreestyles February 23, 2016

Yeah what was wrong with the previous icons?  Now I have to take screenshots of these new icons for my user guide.  Terrible decision on that one.

I'm okay with the font changes, removing redundant buttons, and decreasing white-space.  Free-ing up screen realstate is a good thing.

But why so monochromatic.  Hurts my eyes.

jmcwade February 23, 2016

Thank you.

AlbertoVegaG February 23, 2016

I will downgrade thanks smile

Robin Engelmann February 24, 2016

Good answer

Aleksey February 27, 2016

Looks like last version in 1.7 branch was

2016-02-27 19-37-42 Found Updates for SourceTree.png

... but it is removed from the Atlassian servers:

2016-02-27 19-39-06 Installing Updates for SourceTree.png

thedewi February 28, 2016

How absolutely staggering.

26 votes
Douglas Smith February 16, 2016

I have to agree. I stupidly clicked upgrade and now I'm dead in the water with SSH failures. If I do manage to get by I can't fetch, branch or commit anything. It just hangs. Is there a way to back off to 1.7?

populationtwo February 17, 2016

Here are the previous version:



Like JianzhaoCai likes this
Marc Artigas Sanchez February 22, 2016

I went back to 1.7.  This was a terrible update

Mathieu Castelli February 22, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 22.35.30.png

Easy login right...

Thx for the links, downgrading.

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Ivan Shulak February 18, 2016

v 2.2 for OS X El Capitan: application freezes after branch merge.

Enrico Zamagni February 18, 2016

same here, also the BeyondCompare integration is completely broken sad

jgolebiewski February 21, 2016

same here

dpellenwood February 22, 2016

Yup. Same here. Git merges have some missing dialog or other UI element that never appears. After a merge completes, you can't do anything. Have to force-quit the app and restart to get back to a usable state.

EwaldH February 23, 2016

Indeed - I can't merge - force quit is the only solution. And then I drop to the command line to get work done.

Jeff Krase February 24, 2016

Not only an issue on OS X.  Windows crash after merge / fix.  Every. Single. Time.  Seems Atlassian is looking to send their customers to various competitors.

Ueli Scheidegger February 29, 2016

No need to merge branches to freeze it up. It freezes up without doing anything. sad

12 votes
iai February 17, 2016

Color of icons has to be chosen for real users to distinguish items easily and quickly. Your art director may think the new design is cool because of consistent color usage. But .please think again about how real users take advantage of distinctive colors.


Filippo Remonato February 23, 2016

A design that does not take into consideration user usage and intuition, is definitely not a good design. I have seen better projects made in first year courses of bachelor in design. This looks like "omg look at me so cool" amateur hour design work.

Chris F March 1, 2016

This is a productivity tool, it's not an app that just sits there and looks nice.

People who are using this app are constantly clicking and using it the whole time it's active. A media player for example someone clicks play and then does nothing for an hour while watching.


The media player is a candidate for a no-colour interface as the click rate might be 1-10 clicks per hour. This tool people click 100s to 1000s of times per hour which is why colour to find what you need to click is paramount.

r. brian lindahl March 1, 2016

Visual Studio made the same mistake a couple of years ago. They went with a monochrome redesign early in the beta process... there was such an outcry that they reconsidered and went back to multicolored icons. 

9 votes
r. brian lindahl February 17, 2016

Echoing what so many others have said - this latest update is crap. The things that are bugging me the most:

  • Changed icons in the file lists - ok, not huge, but the old + - ... ? made good sense to me, whereas "m" (I assume it's for "modified" - english specific? come on...) doesn't
  • No multiple stage - used to be able to select several files and hit the spacebar to stage them all. Can't find a way to do this now. Very painful, even when it's only 10-15 files to update. Glad I don't have any 100+ file updates coming up.
  • No diff preview when a file is selected in "pending" - the diff stays on the last selected staged file.

Really hoping I can figure out how to downgrade... this is ridiculous.

kevin-reed February 18, 2016

I used to use the spacebar all the time to stage multiple files. Please bring this back!

(And don't highlight the pipe between the active tab and the non-active tab)

8 votes
Gavin Eadie February 17, 2016

It'd be a real service to your customers to shut off updating till this is fixed .. it's now over 12 hours since reports of a broken update appeared here.

7 votes
Wiebe Geertsma February 22, 2016
Invalid CSRF token found in form body

Atlassian, please test your software rigorously before pushing to the master branch.
I had to reinstall the old version immediately because I was locked out.
Make sure to use the default browser for the login window, not internet exploder.




daniele-niero February 23, 2016

Oh yes that one... it uses explorer... gosh.

7 votes
Anders Harvyl February 17, 2016

Well, I guess I have myself to blame. It is a FREE license so I guess I cannot expect too much. Learned the lesson, take extreme care when upgrading!!! "Log in to existing account" just show a blank display with a cancel button as only option. DON'T ATLASSIAN TEST? Luckily I have another Mac with the old, working, 2.1, so I could revert on all my Macs. Hope they fix it soon or should I look for another program?


Arne Handt February 17, 2016

Had the same problem, now it appears to work.

cmulcahy February 18, 2016

I'm still struggling with this one.  I neglected to keep a copy of the older version.

Ben_TouchMD February 19, 2016

I'd be willing to pay for source tree if they'd just test their product before release. I hate wasting time at work uninstalling source tree so I can reinstall an older version whenever I forget to not update.

daniele-niero February 23, 2016

I agree with you Benjamin. I will added willing to pay if that means a better support and development for source tree.
Tree view on windows, after 2 long years of asking to have it, is gone again, deprecated because considered slow... so every other software out there must be done with some sort of magic coding... 

6 votes
Edward Barboza February 22, 2016

Also, trimming the sidebar text to a hardcoded length makes it totally unusable. No mouseover or click would show me the full name of my branches or stashes, leaving the end-user totally blind:
Screenshot 2016-02-22 11.25.24.png

And this doesn't respond to resize or anything, so there's really no easy way to figure the list items out.

kbtombul February 22, 2016

When I made the sidebar smaller than that size it started working correctly.

Edward Barboza February 22, 2016

You're right, if you resize down to make it trim it will actually work. So this is definitely a bug.

Fredrik Bridell February 23, 2016

Haha, yes! It works, pull it to narrow and then back out again. Nice bug workaround! 

6 votes
Scooter February 17, 2016

Can't use latest update.  Like others, I can't sign in "Use an existing account" - blank modal shows up - blank.

5 votes
pasnox February 18, 2016

That's a shame!

This UI suck so much! is those people do test their app before releasing it ???

It's no more usable at all.

I'm used to select a commit and Press Cmd+R to reload content, it was keeping the selected commit after update done.

Now it always goes to the local latest commit.

Worse, adding a file to the index (staging) also reproduce the problem, making code review a nightmare...

5 votes
José A. Tomé February 17, 2016

I liked very much sourcetree... but the new version is unusable and doesn't work. I also prefer the old GUI design with the git-flow button included.

I will try to retorn to an older version...

julianfalcionelli February 22, 2016

Totally agree with you.

I miss the git-flow button, please include in next version!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Anderson Fachini February 24, 2016

It is back (I update to version and it is ok)

4 votes
nilspoltoraczyk February 17, 2016

Quite interesting that everybody seems to have a completely different MAJOR issue.

3 votes
Chris Foulston February 18, 2016

Yep, This is a complete fail update.

Can't stage deleted files. Merge conflicts don't show. UI is terrible.

Going back to 1.7.

3 votes
Sean Hammon February 17, 2016

I care less about the aesthetic changes. It was only a matter of time before SourceTree jumped on the flat UI bandwagon. My issue is staging is largely broken if you're trying to stage hunks and lines, which is really what I use SourceTree for. It used to excel at that.

  1. Can't shift click and select lines. Only dragging with the mouse seems to work. Completely backwards from 1.7.
  2. Can't hold shift or ctrl to modify a selection. Have to start over and try again.
  3. Better hope you don't stray out of the box when dragging a longish selection. Kills the drag event and then see #2
  4. If you click on a file in the staged area (to verify/double check what you have staged) good like getting unstaged files to display again. Most of the time they won't. Sometimes if I click around long enough I can get it working again.
  5. Long lines of code (such as SVG) push the stage hunk/lines buttons off the screen so you're constantly scrolling back and forth.

This is on a Windows 7 Enterprise laptop I use at work. Haven't tried it at home on my Windows 10 box and frankly, not even going to bother. I'll be using the link above to rollback to 1.7.

3 votes
Garry Haywood February 17, 2016

it gets worse...


it just inserted the diff file into my source file

3 votes
Matt Lennon February 17, 2016

Ditto. I upgraded this morning. First problem: no bookmarks. Next problem: UI didn't refresh after moving a file from Unstaged to Staged. Next problem: UI froze when switching from File Status tab to Log/History tab.

All this in the first 3-4 minutes! I'm running v1.8.1.0 on Windows 7 x64.

This is pretty shocking.

3 votes
Garry Haywood February 17, 2016

I can't believe such basic features as 'staging' are borked by this release.

It's like Atlassian stopped using their own ecosystem to manage a release. HTF did this pass QA?


2 votes
Kevin H February 23, 2016

2.2.2 just came out and it seems to have fixed the "UI lockup after merge attempt" issue but now it lags super bad when I try to click on branches on the left sidebar. This is so terrible.

Dave Smith March 17, 2016

I have the same problem. I click on branch a, spinning pizza for 1 minute. Click on branch b, spin for 1 minute. Click on branch b again, spin for another minute.

Usability is very questionable.

I do like the new UI frankly, but the lag/spin is making this app almost unusable in day to day work.

2 votes
Dave Lowndes February 17, 2016

Select Merge, cancel => UI is now unusable (menu items disabled, cannot select anything - just get MacOS "funk" sound). Have to Force Quit.

Looking for a rollback version...

2 votes
jjcamargo February 17, 2016

I don't care so much for the stetic changes... but mine just keep crashing after a few seconds. I can't do even the simplest tasks.

I'm using Windows 10 on a Dell Laptop 16 Gb RAM

2 votes
kevin-reed February 17, 2016

Multiple crashes, incorrect rebase, not good...

2 votes
richrout February 17, 2016

I used to be able to select a changed file in commit view, and press space to select it (which would move it to staged). This doesn't work now.

Was a nice little feature which is horrible now it's gone...

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