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How to fix problem where Sourcetree enters install wizard on every launch?

cmhardage_th January 13, 2022

I have a user who attempted to uninstall and reinstall Sourcetree 3.4.7 on Windows 10 Enterprise. She was able to perform the steps of the installation wizard and clone a repository with the application. She exits the application normally. When she launches the application a second time (and every subsequent time), Sourcetree wants her to go back through the installation wizard.

We have gone through uninstalling the application, including deleting the install folders, and reinstalling. We have rebooted the machine several times including after uninstall and before reinstall.

Is there a configuration setting, either in a file in the install directories or in the Windows Registry, that can be changed to stop this behavior? If so, where is it?

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Friederich Grodtke January 17, 2022

Installing the Sourcetree "Enterprise Windows" Version seems to work for me.
This Version seems to get installed into "C:\Programs Files (x86)\..." instead of the user Appdata.

I found the "Enterprise Windows" Version here:

Scott Chapman October 2, 2023

This eventually worked for me. Also had to manually create the link to the app in C:\Program Files (x86)\Atlassian\Sourcetree and had to manually install Git For Windows. 

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Friederich Grodtke January 17, 2022

I have the same Problem.
Everytime i start Sourcetree (3.4.7) i need to do the installation process again.
I am using Windows 10 Pro (Build 19043) inside a company Windows-domain.

In one of the steps the installation, it asks for Git & Mercurial. But it cant download Mercurial, i get a error 403.

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