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Sofia, Bulgaria

Created Dec 2, 2020, Last active Aug 27, 2021

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  • Welcome to the Sofia Online Community Group! Featured

    Welcome to the Atlassian Community Space for Sofia!  We are very excited to have this space to continue sharing our knowledge and experiences outside of our local events!  Please use this t...

    Boriana Todorova _Sofia_ ACE_ started a discussion 7 1 09-02-2019
  • Introduce yourself

    Greetings everyone and  welcome to the Sofia ACE!  My name is Velizar Borisov and I'm located in Sofia, Bulgaria. I work as an Atlassian admin for a huge organization like Genius Sports,...

    Velizar Borisov published an article 4 0 08-27-2021
  • Ryan

    Up for any thing coffee diner 24 an partys

    Ryan_McEvoy started a discussion 0 1 04-02-2020
  • Mr

    Hello guys my name is Richard I'm from Kenya looking forward to be accepted to join your group

    richard omollo started a discussion 1 1 09-03-2019
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This group has an abundance of Atlassian Experts and customers in the area - let's take advantage of each other's expertise. We meet every other month to talk about all things Atlassian, from JIRA dashboards to perfecting your Bitbucket workflow. If you've got a topic to present or questions you need answered, we're here to help. RSVP to our next meeting or join the group to be notified of upcoming events and Atlassian Community news.

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