Topic Tuesday - Top 3 Things Outside in San Diego

As summer continues, and we all have the opportunity to explore and have some outdoor fun in our wonderful city, what would you consider to be the top 3 things you enjoy doing outside around San Diego?


Who can beat San Diego at summer time.  So many great things to explore including:

1) The San Diego Zoo

2) San Diego Botanical Garden

3) La Jolla Cove

What are your favorite places?

Celina Zamora Community Manager Jul 17, 2018

I love all those places @Mark Livingstone (San Diego)! My other faves are Balboa Park and any beach by Torrey Pines. So beautiful.

I love that you mentioned the Botanical Garden! Such a hidden gem

Too many to list them all, but you asked for 3..


1. Volleyball at Balboa Park

2. Hiking (anywhere and everywhere)

3. San Diego Zoo


Paddle Boarding and Yoga on Paddle Boards but only in the bay - not ocean ready yet:)

How fun!  Great exercise and a great way to enjoy the outdoors.

Ashley Elder Atlassian Team Jul 18, 2018

Wow  @Marcia Biggar, so impressed! I can paddleboard, but cannot imagine being balanced enough to also do yoga- bay or ocean!

I too am impressed! I can paddleboard but cannot yoga even on land haha

1) Swimming at La Jolla Cove ... I saw a sea turtle yesterday. How can you beat that? 

2) Spectating from the terrace at the Torrey Pines Gliderport. 

3) Biking down the Silver Strand.

Can't beat San Diego..so much fun stuff to do!

Celina Zamora Community Manager Jul 31, 2018

Wow, I'm in awe about seeing a sea turtle! Also, Gliderport is one of my favorite places. I'm seriously missing San Diego with all these amazing responses. 

I am going to plan to explore with my girls - how did I attend UCSD all those years ago with never visiting Gliderport!?!

@Erica_Garcia I recommend that you check the wind conditions to make sure that people are flying before heading over there. http://gliderport.thilenius.com/#/Home 

1) Surf, because it is San Diego.

2) Early morning hike up Iron mountain.

3) Bouldering around Mt. Woodson.

Celina Zamora Community Manager Jul 31, 2018

These sound amazing, @Joshua Platt! Where do you surf? I learned and used to surf in Leucadia...waaaay back when. 

@Celina ZamoraThere is a little secret spot in Solana. Not the best waves, but also never crowded.

Celina Zamora Community Manager Jul 31, 2018

Wait, I need to know this spot for my next visit :) 

Celina Zamora Community Manager Jul 31, 2018


For summer it's body surfing, SUP, & cruising the coast hwy.

Celina Zamora Community Manager Jul 31, 2018

Thanks for sharing, @Mark V

  1. San Diego Zoo Safari Park (favorite early weekend activity of mine)
  2. Sailing in the San Diego Bay - so many places to learn around here!
  3. Walk / beach bike on the board walk from the bottom of Mission Beach to the top of Pacific Beach
Celina Zamora Community Manager Jul 31, 2018

Sounds amazing, @Benjamin Zaczek

@Celina Zamorayou should petition for the next US Summit to be in San Diego ;) You can use this thread as a nice "hey this place would be cool" starter pack.


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