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Where's my T-Shirt? :-)


A slightly cheeky question, but I was wondering if the notification was triggered for me reaching 1500 karma as I still haven't recevied my t-shirt?

I reached 1500 karma 6 weeks ago, I've got the badge ( and Michael Seager very kindly offered via Twitter to hook me up, but I still haven't received anything and haven't received any official notification.

I understand there were initial problems with the karma triggers as discussed on this question and this JIRA ticket, but the ticket was resolved as fixed back in August 2011.

Was my t-shirt shipped? Are there problems with the notification triggers again?

A cheeky question I know, but I do like my Atlassian t-shirts :-)



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6 votes
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Sorry guys!!! We need to be a lot better about this. We love your all your work on Answers, and these little things are the least we can do to show a bit of appreciation.

Thanks for raising this Andrew, it'll get us to hop on it.

Just had confirmation that my t-shirt has been shipped. Thanks for sorting.



Hey Andrew, just wanted to let you know I'm on this. I'll let you know once I have news.

Edit April 11, 2013: hey all, for the next release of Answers we've automated the entire process, which takes us slow humans out of the loop. Right now everything is done by hand, which is difficult with the amount of requests we get. This improvement will be online very soon.

Edit April 15, 2013: hey all, as promised we automated the process, you can get your free tshirt/backpack/jacket here. More info can be found here.

JamieA Rising Star Mar 27, 2012

Mine too Dennis! Someone mailed me a few months ago but I never received anything. Not to mention the laptop bag!

Alright, I'll check your status as well :)

Cheers Dennis.

There is a laptop bag too? Noone even told me about that? My address is ..... ;)

I talked to Jeremy today, he'll take it from here :)

Dieter Rising Star Mar 27, 2012
Hey, me too sent the address to Nik more than a month ago and i didn't receive my t-shirt yet ...

I think I will have to wait longer ;)

NikE Rising Star May 08, 2012

Thomas and Ramiro - Check your email in a bit, will be sending you a message for your address. :-)

Thomas Schlegel Community Leader May 08, 2012

Hi Atlassian,

I just wanted to ask, whether you got an information about me getting the Karma King Badge. This happened two weeks ago and I did not hear anything of you.

I really like these Atlassian T-Shirts, especially the Angry-Nerd-Shirt you gave at the JAX Conference. But Karma King is also nice and a lot more rare :-)

Thank you


Dieter Rising Star May 08, 2012

Hi Nik,

I'm still waiting for my t-shirt and meanwhile for a bag as well ...

NikE Rising Star May 08, 2012

Hi Dieter -

I will send you an email shortly to figure out what is going on. Your t-shrit shows shipped out a month ago...

Will make sure we get everything sorted out and that you get all your Answers swag.

JamieA Rising Star May 08, 2012

I got my t-shirt, thank you kindly.

Just passed the 1500 mark (1,503 as of 22 hours ago)! Thanks in advance! I think Mel Brooks spoke for all of us when he said, "It's good to be the king." Acceptance speech complete and feeling a little lack of humility now. Moving on... :)

J Thomas Rising Star Jun 26, 2012

Woo-hoo, me too! Looking forward to a Karma Queen T-shirt to go with my Angry Nerds one :)

Thomas Schlegel Community Leader Jul 03, 2012
Hi Nik

I received my karma t-shirt today:-)

It's great and of course I've tested the QR Code on it and smiled - my first personal QR code :-)

Thank you


So what is Atlassian's process in order to receive your T-shirt. I am not talking about earning your karma points but what happens after you earn your points? How long should a person wait before asking about their T-shirt? How long after giving Atlassian your information does it take to ship your T-shirt?

Recieved my t-shirt today! Hooray! let's see if I can get enough karma for the bag :)

J Thomas Rising Star Sep 10, 2012

Well I passed 1500 back in June and I've not heard a thing... How many months does it usually take?

I'm the same way- passed the mark some time ago with no shirt yet. I consider it to be ransom for my lack of work lately on the CSUM plugin and SHBL authenticator, so I've kept quiet until I recover actual karma, which is not reflected in my current karma score. If you haven't gotten your shirt, really think about what you could be doing to make Atlassian better; maybe you need more real karma. Also, maybe we could take a collection to buy t-shirts or pay for shipping. Good luck!

Hmm. That's wierd. I just posted a comment here, then clicked on back where it was re-editing, and reloaded the page and it deleted my comment. Anyway, I was going to say that I haven't gotten my shirt either, but I attribute it to my real-life karma not being at 1500 yet. I need to make sure the CSUM plugin and SHBL authenticator I help with are well taken care of first. If you haven't gotten a shirt, try to improve your real-life karma and the metaphysical t-shirt will come.

... and I have 5k => the Timbuk2 laptop backpack. I asked it twice, nobody answered ... I thought there are automatic notifications by now ...

Same here, I am now at 2900+ points and I still have not gotten a message about my T shirt.

This was my original question so I've just hit the "poke atlassian" button to try and get Atlassian's attention.
NikE Rising Star Sep 12, 2012

Greetings everyone -

The process is not yet automated and we are running behind :-( Sorry everyone!. We are getting the next batch of t-shirts custom printed for everyone and will be in contact via email shortly to get the best address for you. The laptop bags are also scheduled to be shipped in the next few days, (though they seem to take a week or five when going through customs in a few countries). Just a bit longer till you can make your geek friends jealous (and royally confuse technophobes).

hey J,

i think you're not the only one who's least sth has been sent to you :)

i also wait for king shirt and backpack

there might be some bottlenecks

J Thomas Rising Star Apr 08, 2013

Anyone know how to get a Karma Queen T-shirt? Been waiting since last June. In February I was sent a voucher for a Karma King T-shirt but I can't find out how to get a Karma Queen T-shirt instead. Do they actually exist? They're still mentioned in the FAQs.

hey all, for the next release of Answers we've automated the entire process, which takes us slow humans out of the loop. Right now everything is done by hand, which is difficult with the amount of requests we get. This improvement will be online very soon.

hey all, as promised we automated the process, you can get your free tshirt/backpack/jacket here. More info can be found here.

I only see Karma King - are there no Karma Queen t-shirts?

There are, we just didn't get them to the site in time. It should be later this week that they're on swag. You can see the design here: Sorry - we almost got all the features in, this was one we almost made before the release...

According to the Swag tab, I can redeem a T-Shirt and the backpack ... again !!! Not good. Or good ?

Yes - that's on purpose. It's new swag, so for those of you who've been around Answers for some time, you get a copy of the new swag too! We felt like it'd be stingy not to offer the new swag...

Hey, I'm curious... I can redeem the new T-Shirt now but how I can do that? It gave me the option to unlock... What's next?

1 vote

@ck and @Thomas, you have to order it from, check swag in your profile menu to get coupon code

Raju KC Rising Star Aug 25, 2013

Could not find profile menu in the provided link. :)

@ck just click on your name ther you can horizantal menu from ther click on swag it should be next to Awards

I am Atlassian's resident swag master. I program managed getting live and am in charge of keeping it going. I helped the Atlassian Answers team get the new Answers swag on the store and they've done a great job automating the process of getting the items to you.

I am aware of international shipping issues. Delays and customs issues have quickly riddled our gift giving process. Certain countries have become more of a pain than others. Myself and Powertex, our swag vendor, are looking into it.

In the meantime, if you have any questions related to swag, which can't be answered from the FAQ on the store, please feel free to reach out to me directly (swag_at_atlassian_dot_com). We want the gift giving process to be as smooth as a new laptop's space bar.

Man, I thought we will put to rest this question. ...

Ya, UK customs likes yout swag a lot, they value it - both items I got recently had surcharges, but hey :)

The 10K answers bag is neat, but I can't fit my 17" laptop :( the side entry aspect seem to expect something smaller, a mac perhaps, the older 'default' Atlassian bags are top loaders, fits the 17" fine :)

I like free things.

1 vote

i have Ordered Karma T-shirt on 2 months back(Order Date: 2/22/2013, Order Number: 39001081) but not recived yet :(

Can you see your tracking number in your account in You might want to ask for help in for better response.

I have trouble getting my own as well, the tracking number just dont appear.

1 vote
NikE Rising Star May 08, 2012

The first batch of laptop bags are shipping out next week. I know my view might be a bit biased, but they are one of the coolest laptop bags I have seen.

NikE Rising Star May 08, 2012

Absolutely Renjith - you name is on the list and you will have your backpack shortly. Confirming you recieved your t-shirt?

I do hope to get those soon, hope our names are still there in the batch :)

Hey Nik, did I make it in to the first batch of laptop bags?



The Karma King T Shirt, not yet :(

I received the Angry Nerds one which came as part of the Newsletter contest yesterday.

NikE Rising Star May 08, 2012

Renjith - will email you as I show yours shipped out a month ago as well. (I will make sure I get this sorted out and everyone gets all of their karma swag.)

Andrew - you got it dude! Your laptop's new home will be headed your way in a few days.

Cheers Nik.

@Renjith my t-shirt took about a month to arrive (to the UK) after I got notification it was shipped so likely yours is in transit somewhere.

Ah! that's nice to know. But a month ago? Don't know where it is stuck now :(

Ah! Okay.

And thanks Nik for the updates :)

Wooho. Do you have my adress too? My current bag is a bit old and the hype about this new bag is too much ;)

NikE Rising Star May 09, 2012

You are definitely on the laptop bag list @Jobin! I think the bag will live up to the hype :-)

@Renjith & @Dieter - I'm waiting to hear back about some tracking info so I can see where your t-shrits are. Will keep you posted.

Mizan Rising Star May 09, 2012

Even I did not get my T-shirt yet . Will Atlassian contact me for my address or i need to mail it to ?

Perfect timing. I threw coffee all over the inside of my laptop bag this morning. New Atlassian bag arrived 11am...

Healthy envy ;)

Got my laptop bag today - cheers for sorting Nik, et al The bag does live up to the hype, Timbuk2 do make awesome bags :-)

Dieter Rising Star May 20, 2012
Also got my lapto bag today :) ... But still waiting for the t-shirt :(
NikE Rising Star May 22, 2012

Cool, glad to hear everyone likes the laptop bag!

Dieter - no one can tell me where in the world your t-shirt is (but after almost two months, I'm calling it MIA) so I am going to get another one sent out to you. @Renjith - did your t-shirt make it?

Same case here, just got the laptop bag yesterday and I am loving it :) Thanks Nik. But no clue about the T Shirt :)

Oops. I am the only one who didn't get it yet? I am not expecting it yet coz no one asked me my address!

NikE Rising Star May 22, 2012

Sorry guys: @Renjith & @Dieter, the order is going out today for new t-shirts.

@Jobin - We used the same address we sent your t-shirt to. You should definitely be expecting one (heck, you are up to 21,000 karma!!!) Please let me know if it doesn't arrive in the near future.

@Nik Not sure whom you called just now coz as I was about to respond, someone broke into my house with a laptop bag ;) That was good timing.

Got it, yeah!

NikE Rising Star May 23, 2012

@Jobin - Glad you like the bag! (We arranged deilvery through a special service that hires ninjas to deliver the bags.) :-)

Dieter Rising Star Jun 07, 2012

received my t-shirt today :-) Thanks!

Thomas Schlegel Community Leader Jul 12, 2012

Hooray ! The next bag is mine :-)

Mizan Rising Star Nov 04, 2012

Wow :) ..............

Naren Rising Star Mar 24, 2013

Great! :)... I too recieved an email about confirming shipment details from Atlassian almost months ago.. Hope the courier finds me soon ;)

0 votes
Naren Rising Star Oct 22, 2013

Well, I crossed 1500 mark almost a 6-8 months ago. After that Atlassian confirmed the shipping details of the T-Shirt through email. But since then I am waiting for my swag to arrive :(

@Naren, intially i also had the same problem(i waited for two months, but have't recived) then again i place a order from here

Mizan Rising Star Oct 22, 2013

I think you need to select UPS as courier service (If based in India) , One of my friend faced similar issue . I had select UPS .

0 votes

I placed the order for T-shirt when I reached the 1.5k Karma points on Oct 9th, but I donot received it yet. How can I track? I ordered through USPS International.

Sorry about this! The T-shirts are supposed to be fun, not a headache :(.

There's an FAQ at, or you can email us at with the specifics.

Yes, I received the T-shirt today afternoon.

0 votes
Raju KC Rising Star Aug 21, 2013

I became a karma king today! Can I get my t-shirt too? How long does it take? Will I get official notification?

J Thomas Rising Star Aug 21, 2013

Well it's been 14 months to the day for me and I'm still waiting. I guess Kings have more luck than Queens.

0 votes
Nitram Rising Star Jul 29, 2013

I have received the Atlassian T-Shirt much faster than I thought that too in 10 days, I like the T-Shirt, Love You Lot Atlassian. Thank you very much :-)

0 votes

Finally i recived Karma King T-shirt after two months, Thanks to atlassian!!!

0 votes

I recieved today the new t-shirt and the bag! Awesome! :D

0 votes

I'm getting close myself, only 49 karma away! Thanks for going through the trouble for me ;)

0 votes
I'm also waiting for that shirt. :)

Don't worry, even me ;)

Mizan Rising Star Feb 21, 2013

even me .. one of my friend got an email from Atlassian after crossing 1500 karmas .. They are now giving $1500 coupon for a $1500 T-shirt .. Its a very cool red color T-shirt ..

J Thomas Rising Star Feb 26, 2013

Unfortunately no such luck for Karma Queens - only the Karma King T-shirt appears to be on offer from these emails and no response so far to my reply asking about it, 5 days and counting...

As long as they mark it as a gift or promotional amount :) Still waiting on my karma king. Maybe it will be in my backpack? Hehe
ConradR Rising Star Feb 26, 2013

Just joined the club. :)

I hope they don't declare the 1500$ on the packages..we have 19% import taxes in Germany... ;)

hey guys any progress on this?

tousifs Rising Star Mar 24, 2013

Hi All,

i got my Tshirt.

yesterday i recived Tshirt via courier all the best to all you will get soon..

Naren Rising Star Mar 24, 2013

Great :).... I too recieved an email from Atlassian confirming the shipment details.. Hope the courier finds me soon!


I became a queen today! Can I get my t-shirt too? :D

nriley Atlassian Team Apr 15, 2013


We have an upcoming fix for your queen shirt, stay tuned!

ConradR Rising Star May 01, 2013

My red Karma King Shirt just arrived!

Atlassian ftw! :)

yeah nice. hopefully my swag arrives soon too.

can't wait to put it on and represent :P showin of with the backpack.

i need to reach 10K until autumn to grab the jacket as well.

Yay package arrived today containing the king shirt and the bag. Awesome!!! Where is the personalized QR-code?

I'm sorry to disappoint, but that was only on the old tshirts. The QR customization caused a bottleneck and slowed down the distribution of tshirts tremendously. However, I hope you enjoy your nice red Karma King shirt!

JamieA Rising Star May 02, 2013

I have to say I really like my original KK design with qr-code... you've got a talented t-shirt designer!

Dieter Rising Star May 05, 2013
@conrad: german customs wants me to pay 19% for my jacket! Not sure if i'll accept that ...
JamieA Rising Star May 06, 2013

I had to pay UK customs GBP30 for my swag, although there was quite a lot of it to be fair. @Dieter - let Atlassian know through the swag contact form - they feel you should not have to pay additional charges.

Dieter Rising Star May 06, 2013
That's a lot for what i consider a well deserved gift , even more in your case! I'm already in contact with the swag staff, maybe they find a solution ...

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