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Where does the Karma go?

I lost quite a lot of Karma (some 4K maybe) during the weekend. And I don't see any traces of how this happened.

Is it a bug or something else? Maybe another cleanup? I am interested in seeing what happened over this weekend. Any ideas?

@jeremy, @joseph-clark Any hint?

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Seems like a Hurricane Sandy effect! All back to normal now. Will keep an eye on it.

Hi Jobin, I got some lost karma messages myself some time ago as well -- I'm looking into it right now. Also:

Thanks Dennis. However, in my case, it wasn't just a few Karma. I lost it in bulk!


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Karma is what we get for being active (and hopefully useful) here on answers.

I'd ask a proper question instead of commenting on a 4 year old thread that isn't really much to do with your question.


What the heck this Karma is? Sorry, I am new to atlassian and I am finding it difficult to start a string or room for chatting on web designing. How can I find people with same interest from public out side my email friends? Please, help.

I see. It is a bit strange. I am sure there are people who are watching it (including me) and so I have no intention of adding another 4K like this ;)

Anyways I will close this thread but will report if I see anything more.


For me it showed up to me this morning at 44.4k Karma, which is why I thought it was strange, as I didn't think you had karma subtracted. Anyway, I'll keep an eye on it -- let me know when this happens again, and take screenshots :)

Also the "You lost 3 karma" in activity seems to be a different issue, as it's not within the current Answers karma ruleset. To be continued!

@Dennis When I posted this question, I was on 40K as opposed to 44. Unfortunately, I didn't take a screenshot because I thought I wouldn't get it back :) I am pretty sure I was not drunk but I don't know what happened in between. I noticed only while commenting on the thread that I am seeing 44K again.

Do you have a backup of Saturday?

I was thinking of keeping the question open to see if anyone knows what was going on.

@Norman I was around 44K only. Not sure when I got it back though.

So I loaded a backup from October 24th and honestly I don't see a big karma difference:

Everybody stayed the same or went up. Looking through the Answers metrics it also didn't show a significant loss in karma.

Also, Jamie and John, are you guys serious or just pulling my leg?

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Jobin, Are you sure you got your karma points back? I have been seeing you at around the 44K mark since yesterday when I answered initially. I thought you had a higher number than that.

Hey Jobin, now that you mentioned it's normal again, can you please provide me the value that it was before, as in when you created this post?

btw, it looks like mine is back! Or am I just dreaming? I hope someone has some explanation.

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I don't think I've lost a lot, if any. I know Jobin was well ahead of me (seems like less now), and I'm sure Jamie was pretty close behind me (a lot closer than he is now!).

@John Inder - depends on which one you get, but I've got two really good ones so far. Closest I can get to the more recent one is and look for the "swig". I like them - they fit laptops really well, and have loads of pockets for my need to carry random London commuter stuff (umbrella, sun-screen, painkillers for headaches, books, headphones etc)

@jamie 15K?

@john-inder Surely worth. And glad to know I have company!!

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JohnA Rising Star Oct 28, 2012

Completely off topic, so forgive me for asking, but a quick question for those of you who've made it past 5k...what's the laptop bag like? I ask because I seem to have lost 701 karma, and now I'm going to have to keep answering questions to get one now ;(

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JamieA Rising Star Oct 28, 2012

Me too, I seemed to have lost 15k karma this weekend. I want it back.

Nope. I happened to notice the dip on Sunday.

Do you know any particular time when this happened?

That's the problem :) I lost it this weekend for sure. And I don't see any traces of what happened!

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SimonS Rising Star Oct 28, 2012

Can you give us any more info Jobin? Like, do you know when (more or less) you lost the karma?

Looking at your karma history (here) there isn't any record of losing karma.

Looks like I am the only one affected then. And in huge numbers ;)

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No issues with my Karma too.

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My karma count is still correct, but I could not pass up saying maybe it was karmanite, since you are super answerer!

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